Challenge Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 30-Day Movement Challenge! Embrace that beginner’s mindset and have fun moving. Release any expectations of perfection, and just give it your best. Showing up for a quick class, moving your body, and picking up the foundations of a new skill will get you feeling confident and refreshed in this new season. Trust us, and trust yourself – your body and mind will thank you! We’re excited to move with you this month!

– Amanda & Gab (Movement by NM Founders)


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Athletic Core with Dom | Core-Focused Class (14 Mins)

Let’s get it! Join Dom for a short athletic core-focused workout that moves away from traditional sit-ups or crunches. This class is all about preventing power leaks in your core to help make you a more explosive athlete in your everyday life.


▶︎ NEW | Beginner MuayFit with Farinaz | Full Body Strength Class (12 Mins)

Today’s MuayFit class will make you feel strong, confident, and athletic. If you are new to MuayFit or strength training, don’t count yourself out. This class is accessible for every level! Move at your own pace, start with light or no weight, and press pause if you need a break.


▶︎ NEW | Chair Mobility Flow with Sylvia | Energizing Stretch Class (17 Mins)

Free your upper body with this energizing stretch class! Follow Sylvia through an accessible mobility flow from the comfort of your chair. This class is about creating length through your spine and increasing your mobility and flexibility.


▶︎ How to Work with Weights with Keighty | Choose & Handle Weights (5 Mins) 
▶︎ Get Balanced with Keighty | Strength Foundations Class (22 Mins)

Today, Keighty will show you how to use weights with confidence and safely, and help you decide what household items you can substitute. Then bring balance to your muscles and joints through her foundational strength class, increasing your core and back stability.


▶︎ Earth with Kate | Grounding Yoga Class (24 Mins)
▶︎ Ground with Kate | Weighted Restorative Yoga Class (23 Mins)

Choose your own movement challenge today with Kate! Try Earth with Kate for a gentle and invigorating class that will leave you feeling refreshed, or add weights to the same sequence in Ground with Kate to challenge your core strength and balance.


▶︎ NEW | Ballet Arms with Livona | Beginner Dance Class (21 Mins)

Get ready to learn the basic arm movements in classical ballet, known as port de bras. Ballet dancers practice these moves every day so don’t worry if you feel awkward, just feel the movements in your body and let yourself dance!


Rest Day
▶︎ Middays with Keighty | Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class (5 Mins)

It’s the last day of Week 1! Take a rest day or incorporate 5 minutes of movement. If you’re feeling up for the challenge, join Keighty for a class that focuses on agility, cardio, and mobility. Get silly and shake things out! It’s not about being perfect, it’s about having fun.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH: Learn the Mindset of a Boxer to Move Through Challenges in Your Life, discovering how to develop mental toughness in your practice and in everyday life.