Challenge Week 3

We’re halfway there! It’s week 3 of The Challenge and as you continue building a new routine, we want to remind you of the importance of setting small, realistic goals for yourself. When it comes to movement, accomplishing 5 minutes a day can make all the difference! This week, focus on showing up for yourself and just moving your body. A little goes a long way – you’re doing great!


The Schedule


▶︎ Full Body Charge Up with Dom | Strength & Cardio-focused Class (5 Mins)

Start the week energized! Dom’s athletic movements and mobility focus will get your heart rate up and blood flowing from head to toe in just 5 minutes. Choose to move in the morning to wake up your body, or as a quick refresh between tasks or errands during the day!


▶︎ NEW | Low Back Relief with Lydia | Restorative Movement Class (30 Mins)

This mellow class will help you find space and relief in your low back region, especially after a long day of driving, walking, or sitting. Let go of tension with these soothing restorative moves, all done low to the ground. Connecting to your body with slow and gentle breathing will bring awareness to your lower back.


▶︎ Strength Patterns with Adrian | Foundational Strength Class (22 Mins)

Get ready to move with confidence and stability! Today’s class combines a bold power movement with functional lower body, upper body, and core exercises. Focus on quality and control with each agility and foundational strength exercise, allowing your body to move how it was meant to.


▶︎ Release and Restore with Erica | Calming Yoga Class (22 Mins)

This restorative sequence will bring you full circle through a series of poses that release tension in your spine and hips, creating space for reflection. Move gently through this 22-minute flow as you focus on your breath, finding a sense of calm in your body and mind.


▶︎ NEW | Express Core with Sylvia | Core-focused Class (8 Mins)

Pick up a light weight, whether a dumbbell or a can from your kitchen cupboard, and join Sylvia for a quick core class that’s like a shot of caffeine! Target your full core with fun new variations like standing dead bugs and side shovels. These moves are functional and accessible.


▶︎ Kitchen Dance Party | Beginner-friendly Dance Class (21 Mins)
▶︎ Learn How to Discover Yourself Through Dance with Saschie (3 Mins)

Today’s dance class will give you all the tools you need to find your own personal dance style. Let your body move and have have fun learning something new! Then, hear Saschie’s story on experiencing joy and freedom through dance, challenging her limitations, and the power of connecting to your body.


Rest Day
▶︎ Breath Foundations with Cam | Calming Breath Class (4 Mins)

Take a rest day, or try this Calming Breath Class with Cam! Breathing is one of the most important things we do, and doing it correctly has the power to reduce stress and increase our ability to move through life with a calm confidence.

The Creativity Bonus

READ: What is a Practice, an article on taking small steps towards building a practice, and relearning the joy of movement.