Gabriella’s Guide To The Gifts Of Menopause

Menopause can feel life altering, but it can also be a life-affirming transformation. Like any transformation, it can be confusing, painful, and frustrating. It is uncomfortable, not only because of the changes that are visible on the outside, but because of who we’re becoming on the inside. When we welcome menopause as a transformative process, it can offer us these incredible gifts:

  1. Menopause is an invitation to get to know ourselves better.

  2. Menopause is an opportunity to empower ourselves with knowledge and upgrade our physical, mental, and emotional health to the best version possible.

  3. Menopause allows us to value our lived experience and wisdom.

  4. Menopause frees us from being defined by our reproductive capacities.

  5. Menopause is an awakening of our deepest desires on so many levels.

  6. Menopause is a new chapter in our lives to be embraced, not feared.

“Menopause is a new chapter in our lives to be embraced, not feared.”


Gabriella Espinosa is a menopause and sexual wellness coach, and host of the podcast Pleasure in the Pause, is dedicated to empowering midlife women to own their pleasure, power, and purpose. Gabriella’s guidance takes women on a journey of self-exploration, trust, and knowing. Learn more about Gabriella at Listen to Pleasure in the Pause Podcast at Follow her on Instagram: