Into the Ring

Hop into the ring and embrace your inner competitor! Trying a new form of movement can be uncomfortable at first, but keep returning to the mat this week – starting slow and building confidence as you do. This schedule is designed to ease you into new techniques, build your cardio, and energize your brain and body. Release expectations and let yourself enjoy these new moves and patterns.

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The Schedule
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▶︎ Boxer’s Core with Rob | Core-focused Class (12 Mins)
▶︎ A Message From Rob (1 Min)

Follow Rob through his favourite core moves in this core-focused class! This practice will target your entire core and make you feel confident to take on any challenge. Then, watch a special message from Rob where he introduces his foundational boxing classes and explains why boxing is for everyone!


▶︎ Stick It with Rob | Beginner-friendly Boxing Class (22 Mins)

Whether this is your first time throwing a punch or you’re rediscovering combat sports, this class is for you! Start with a warm up to get your body in gear before trying a series of core conditioning rounds and jab combinations. Challenge yourself to focus on quality and control with each drill, and have fun with it!


▶︎ Evenings with Leo | Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class (9 Mins) 
▶︎ Meet your Teacher | Leo (1 Min)

Try this adaptive stretch class to feel refreshed and restored! Move through a series of groin, hip, and shoulder stretches, as well as spinal mobility poses. Then, take a minute to meet Leo, and learn more about his passion to help others adapt and modify movements for their bodies.


▶︎ Learn Uppercut with Rob (3 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | Feel Strong with Rob | Low Impact Cardio Boxing Class (6 Mins)

Start off with a quick class where Rob will teach you the uppercut, then put it all together with Rob & Judianne in a fun boxing combination, working on your hip mobility and lower body strength. Don’t worry about getting these moves right – just show up for yourself and try something new!


▶︎ Mornings with Rob | Easy Stretching & Boxing Footwork Class (4 mins)

Start your morning with an easy stretching and footwork class! Today, move through gentle full-body stretches, mobility work, a fun footwork series, while practicing deep breathing to leave you feeling energized and ready to take on your goals for the day.


▶︎ Power Punch Practice with Rob | Beginner-friendly Boxing Class (13 Mins)

Build strength and endurance today in your boxing practice! This class is all about learning an explosive cross and building your strength with core conditioning. Move with intention to quick intervals and finish off with a low-impact cool down. Appreciate all of the new techniques your body and mind have learned this week!


▶︎ NEW | 2-Minute Moves with Rob | Functional Mobility Class (2 Mins)

Just two minutes of movement can brighten your mood and change your relationship with your body! Join Rob for a short and effective full-body workout that will increase blood flow, improve your range of motion, and connect you to your body in this moment.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH THE NEW DOCUMENTARY: Into the Ring | The Making of a Boxer

Rob Couzens looks back at his 17-year boxing career, what his losses taught him, and how never giving up shaped his confidence and sense of self.