Life as a Content Creator

We sat down with Vancouver-based content creator, stylist, photographer, and food and coffee enthusiast, Viranlly Liemena, to talk about his work as a content creator and how movement fits into and impacts his daily life.


How would you explain what you do as a content creator?
I’m actually not sure –– I’m a creative consultant, photographer, and also… let’s just say I’m a creative consultant. I do a lot of photography work in the lifestyle and food and beverage industry. A lot of hospitality, travel, sometimes dipping into fashion. I travel quite a bit, typically several times a month with a few trips abroad every year. A lot of my job involves consulting in the lifestyle and hospitality industry, whether it’s creating a mood board, recipe development for a restaurant, social and branding strategy, or general creative direction. There’s never a dull moment, especially when being strategic and creative in new business models, and flexible while working in this current climate.

How long have you been doing this type of work?
For the past 7 years. I managed social media for a company for a few years before going freelance full time about 4 years ago.

Describe your lifestyle in a few words.
Creative. Kind of active? [laughs] And… adventurous in the way that I love to explore new things. I’m always open to adventures.

Being in a creative field with an unpredictable schedule, how do you fit in a routine or regimented workout?
I build my schedule to make sure I have time for at least one fitness class a day, visiting studios when possible. I never thought I would be an active person who invests time and money in studio fitness classes, but I got hooked through spin, then really got into boxing a few years ago. [Virnally takes classes at All City Athletics with Rob Couzens, the teacher of our boxing class Stick It.] It keeps my routine exciting. When traveling or out of town, I look for new studios or try my best to use hotel amenities to fit some movement into my day. Before, I wasn’t about sweating or working out, but I’ve found ways to make movement exciting and that makes me want to stay active.

Mostly I do boxing and go to a spin class once in a while, but I like to try new things with friends here and there. The most adventurous class I’ve been to is probably boxing — it was so new and unexpected when I started. I had no idea it would become my exercise of choice. The nature of that exercise has been such an emotional and mental release for me.


How does fitting in a few minutes of daily movement affect how your day and your work flows?
It really helps me get my body and mind going, especially if I start my day with a sweat session. I’m not distracted, I’m focused, and that helps me look ahead to what’s next. The structure of my day flows more naturally from there.

How do you balance the things that are most important to you –– travel, friends, classes, food –– and the expectations of your social/creator lifestyle?
It’s very important for me to spend time by myself. I consider myself lucky that my personal and professional work overlap; I love what I do in both spheres. The social demands can be a lot, but I make sure to take time for myself. Boxing or working out is often the time to be on my own with my thoughts. It does take practice and planning to find those things for yourself.

What’s important to you in how you move?
Progress within every exercise and class, and personal growth. It’s difficult to explain when it’s not quantifiable. Using my first boxing class as an example, I could only do a few of the exercises, but now I see progress in stamina and focus and technique.

How do you feel free to move?
I’m not sure how to put that into words. When you have the ability to do your things (exercise, creative process) in your own way, that’s where I find I’m free to move. Without expectations or obligations, I can keep pushing myself to find the best version of me in that moment. The creative and the physical aspects of my life play well together and actually create freedom for each other.