Meet Your NEW Teacher đź’™

This week we’re excited to introduce Trilby, our new addition to the Movement teaching team! With Trilby, you’ll find yourself moving along to workouts that combine Pilates, dance, and yoga – helping you feel free, energized, and confident in your body on and off the mat.

Get excited to explore fun and flowy moves in each class on the schedule this week, embracing workouts that are functional, low impact, and guaranteed to bring out your creativity through movement!


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Trilby (2 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | Core Connection with Trilby | Core-focused Class (13 Mins)

Meet Trilby, your new movement teacher! Trilby thoughtfully blends strength and softness in her classes, sharing tools and techniques to cultivate a more joyful life. Learn the basics of core work with Trilby in this Pilates-inspired Core Connectionclass, designed to make you feel grounded and connected from the inside out.


▶︎ Morning Stretch with Amanda | Gentle Functional Stretch Class (6 Mins)

Try this full body morning activation to gently wake up your body and prepare for the day ahead. This short and sweet class can be built into your everyday routine — perfect for those mornings you’re short on time. Explore new moves, adding gentle swaying motions to static poses and finish feeling refreshed in your body!


▶︎ Yoga for Focus with Kate | Grounding Yoga Class (6 Mins)

Follow Kate through a practice designed to increase focus and leave you feeling calm and alert. Try this class today and add it to your list to be used before an event, presentation, interview, exam, or any moment in your life you want to feel more grounded.


▶︎ NEW | Upper Body Freedom with Trilby | Movement Class (12 Mins)

Join Trilby for a Pilates-inspired movement class to find freedom and strength in your upper body. This sequence will build your core connection, develop an awareness of the muscles that support your back and shoulders, and increase your mobility. Breathe with intention and pay attention to how your body feels before and after today’s class!


▶︎ NEW | Shoulders That Last with Lydia | Upper Body Yoga Class (35 Mins)

Release tension in your shoulders by stretching and strengthening them gently with Lydia in today’s upper body yoga class! These movements will help restore your posture, activating your upper back and loosening your chest. Finish feeling more upright and confident in your body.


▶︎ The Art of Belly Dancing | Belly Dancing Basics Class (23 Mins)

If you’ve never taken a belly dancing class before, this is the perfect place to start! In this class, you will learn fundamental belly dancing moves and bring them together into a beautiful choreography sequence. Enjoy the mental and physical benefits of trying something new!


Choose your own class from the
NEW | Creativity Essentials Collection

We recommend:
▶︎ FREEDOM | Ep 1 | Dance-based Fitness Class (29 Mins)
OR  ▶︎ Learn a New Dance Step | The Biz Markie (2 Mins)

Creativity and movement go hand in hand! Feel free to choose a class from our newCreativity Essentials Collection, made to inspire your playfulness and creativity, get a quick boost of energy and focus, increase blood flow to your brain and body, and release tension and stiffness. Let’s get moving!

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH: Seasons | A Meditation on Movement and Creativity and find inspiration to move in fresh and new ways this season, and in the seasons to come!