Modify Your Moves

Know your limit, move within it. Once you embrace how your body moves, you start enjoying the freedom that comes with it. This week’s schedule will help you breathe a sigh of relief as you move more naturally and greater ease. Naming those boundaries and feeling flexible to modify will create a sense of confidence and stability in everything you do!



The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Hip Activation with Dom | Hip-focused Mobility Class (11 Mins)

Work towards having strong and healthy hips with Dom! This class works on your active flexibility, which is necessary for stable joints and addressing chronic tightness. Start your week with this class and feel the difference it makes on your hips.


▶︎ NEW | Stretch with Amanda | Full Body Movement Class (13 Mins)

Stretch, reset, and feel good in your body! This movement class with Amanda is designed for those days when you just need a short stretch break and a release of tension. Finish feeling relaxed, open, and calm.


▶︎ NEW | Movement for Knee Support (Collection)

Choose a class today from our new knee-focused collection! These classes will help support your mobility, strength, and balance to improve all your daily activities from walking, dancing, housework, to seated work at a desk.


▶︎ Learn Modifications of Strength Foundations with Keighty (4 mins)
▶︎ Get Sweaty Practice with Keighty | Core & Cardio-Focused HIIT Class

Grab a towel and get ready to sweat! Today, Keighty will equip you with modifications that empower you to move big and bold. Then let her guide you through a series of cardio-based core drills, focusing on quality and control.


▶︎ NEW | Cardio Dance Party with Sylvia | Fun Cardio Class (24 Mins)

Join Sylvia for a dance party and remember how fun it is to just move and groove! These moves are high-energy, low-impact, and are a guaranteed stress release. Don’t worry about getting the moves right – this class is about having a good time.


▶︎ Evenings with Leo | Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class (9 Mins)

Want to feel refreshed today? Leo designed this adaptive stretch class to restore your body with a series of groin, hip, and shoulder stretches, and restorative spinal mobility poses.


Rest Day
▶︎ Core Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Improve Your Core Stability (6 Mins)

Feel free to rest or move today, it’s up to you! If you’re looking to explore some more moves and modifications this week, try this optional Core Workshop with Adrian! Learn the structure and function of your core and how it affects how you move in the world.

The Creativity Bonus

READ: Move For You, an article by Skylar Liberty Rose on embracing movement through limitations and showing up for yourself.