Move Better, Feel Better

Movement is essential to every moment, activity, and season of life! Whether it’s staying focused through your workday, caring for your family, playing sports, creating art, or improving your sleep habits, movement is always at the heart of it. As you move through this week’s mobility and strength classes, feel the confidence that comes with knowing you are taking good care of your body and mind.


The Schedule


▶︎ Shoulder Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (10 Mins)

Strong and healthy shoulders are essential for everyday movements like picking up your keys, washing your hair, or putting away laundry. In this class, you’ll try exercises that develop and maintain strength, range of motion, and overall joint function. Build these movements into your daily routine and feel the difference!


▶︎ Get Strong with Keighty | Full Body Strength Class (22 Mins)

Go all out with this full body strength workout! This class combines moves that will build muscle groups throughout your entire body, strengthening your joint health and overall longevity. Work up a sweat with encouragement from Keighty every step of the way!

If you’re short on time today, try the shorter 13-minute practice to get right into the workout in just a few minutes.


▶︎ Restore with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class (15 Mins)

Rejuvenate your muscles and joints in this restorative practice with Kate! Start slow and gain confidence with each pose before bringing in weights to add depth and balance. Focus on your breath as you move and allow the weights to gently restore your body.


▶︎ NEW | Your Turn | Take Your First Movement Class with Jolinka (17 Mins)

Press play and take your first movement class with Jolinka! This class explores how developing new movement patterns can be fun, safe, and creative. You’ll learn level 1 of corkscrew and cartwheel safely, and how to build them into a creative choreographed sequence even if you’re moving within limitations. You don’t need experience to try it — this workout is for everyone!


▶︎ Stepish with Sylvia | Full Body Cardio Class (7 Mins)

Let your inner Jane Fonda out with this variation of a classic step class! This class is all about enjoying movement and allowing yourself to feel free in with each step. Follow Sylvia’s lead with the intention of letting loose and having fun as you move to the music!


▶︎ NEW | Moves for Longevity with Adrian | Functional Movement Class (25 Mins)

Find confidence and develop a movement practice that is functional, long-lasting, and enjoyable! Adrian designed this class with his mother in mind, so she can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. Develop your core and lower body strength, beginning with a functional warm up to wake up and mobilize your body.


▶︎ Hip Activation with Dom | Hip-focused Mobility Class (11 Mins)

Work towards having strong and healthy hips with Dom. This class will help you gain active flexibility, which is necessary for stable joints and addressing chronic tightness. Find your own range of motion at an intentional pace to increase your strength!

The Creativity Bonus

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