Pilates is Here! 🕊️

This just in… our brand new Movement discipline is here: Pilates!

Our approach to Pilates is focused on mindful moves to strengthen, lengthen, and stabilize your body from the core outwards. Have fun with these grounding and confidence-boosting classes, feeling your energy and mood brighten with each deep breath!


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Core Education with Trilby | How To Practice Pilates Safely (8 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | Energize with Trilby | Playful Breath Class (7 Mins)

Start your week with a strong core! Today, Trilby will prepare you to move through her Pilates classes so you can feel empowered and safe in your movement practice. Then, learn how to use your breath as a powerful tool in commanding your nervous system, energy, and mood!


▶︎ NEW | Lower Body Freedom with Trilby | Movement Class (17 Mins)

Hone in on your lower body with this Pilates-inspired class! Finding connection through the big muscle groups in your lower body will help you feel held and safe in all your favourite activities. Use your breath to fuel these movements and let Trilby’s gentle encouragements remind you why you chose to take this nourishing class today.


▶︎ NEW | Posture with Trilby | Upper Body-focused Class (8 Mins)

Today’s class is all about improving your posture, helping to keep your joints healthy through everyday movements. Trilby will guide you through a series of upper body moves to awaken your back body and core, giving you more freedom in your shoulders and neck. Hold yourself with a newfound sense of confidence today!


Rest OR Go Outside!

Press play and take your first movement class with Jolinka! This class explores how developing new movement patterns can be fun, safe, and creative. You’ll learn level 1 of corkscrew and cartwheel safely, and how to build them into a creative choreographed sequence even if you’re moving within limitations. You don’t need experience to try it — this workout is for everyone!


▶︎ Core Connection with Trilby | Core-focused Class (13 Mins)

Learn the basics of core work! This class is a blend of effort and grace, building slowly to any level that feels best to you today. Stay connected to your core and leave feeling grounded from the inside out!


▶︎ NEW | Soothe with Trilby | Restorative Breath Class (10 Mins)

This class was designed to help you soften, rejuvenate, and relax! Come ready to listen and breath, and work on creating a state in your body that lowers blood pressure and aids healthy digestion. Come back to these breathing techniques when you want a moment to reconnect to yourself.


Choose a class from the
NEW | Pilates Collection

Choose a class (or two!) from our new Pilates Collection! Whether it’s moves you’re trying for the first time, or perhaps are coming to a second time around, we’re proud of you for showing up and trying a new discipline. Let’s get started!

The Creativity Bonus

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