Summer Lovin’ 🧡

Summer is right around the corner – take your movement practice with you wherever the season takes you! This week, we’ve picked classes that you can do outdoors, take with you on your travels, and are practical and accessible from wherever you are. Unwind after a day in the sun, stretch it out after a long flight, or get in some cardio with upbeat moves.

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The Schedule

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▶︎  Grapevine with Sylvia | Energizing Low Impact Cardio Class (6 Mins)

Put your to-do list on pause for 6 minutes and join Sylvia for a fun movement break! Try this dance-based cardio class with moves that are low impact, boosting your heart rate while keeping your joints happy and pain free.


▶︎ Season Opener with Dom | HIIT Class (22 Mins)

Let’s get it! Today’s class is a high-intensity interval style workout that combines footwork, core, and compound exercises. This workout will change your mind about how impactful 20 minutes of moving can be at any modification level.

Short on time today? Try this 13 minute version of the class for a quick workout with all the impact!


▶︎ NEW | Essential Hamstring with Amanda | Beginner Pilates Class (11 Mins)

Warm up, lengthen, and strengthen your hamstrings with this soothing class. Support your daily moves (like walking, taking the stairs, or squatting) by activating and taking care of your hamstrings. This restorative class will leave you feeling open and refreshed.


▶︎ Lord of the Fishes with Kate | Full Body Yoga Class (25 Mins)

Looking for a deeply restorative and refreshing stretch today? Press play for a 24-minute practice that will engage and stretch your spine, shoulders, and hips. Take time to connect to yourself and feel ready to take on your day!


▶︎ NEW | Dance Party with Hannah | Beginner-friendly Dance Class (21 Mins)

Shake off your stress with this joyful dance class! These steps are simple and low impact, helping you enjoy new shapes and have fun with dance from wherever you are. Don’t worry about getting steps right or keeping to the beat, find your own moves and just dance!


▶︎ NEW | Travel Essentials Collection: Choose a class on the go!

Keep moving even when you travel. Whether you need a restorative stretch after a flight, want to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing, or a quick boost of energy between work meetings, we have classes to keep you moving (no equipment required) from wherever you are!


▶︎ Warm Up with Adrian | Functional Movement Class (4 Mins)

Take the day to recover and rest your body, or if you’re feeling up to it – try this dynamic warm up with Adrian! This class is designed to prepare you for the day ahead and reduce the likelihood of injury. Find flexibility, elevate your heart rate, and open up your range of motion!

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