Weekly Moves | Apr 18 – 24

We know that some days it’s easy to feel a little unmotivated to move. This week is all about pushing through the resistance and exercising just for fun. What are some activities that you enjoy just for fun? Or when was the last time you did something just for fun? This week, approach each day of movement with a sense of fun and curiosity. Don’t worry about doing every exercise perfectly. Release any pressure you may put on yourself and simply focus on having a good time with it.


The Schedule


Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class with Keighty. We’re starting the week off with a short workout with fun in the title! Today, join Keighty for an afternoon wake up that focuses on shaking things out and challenging your brain. We guarantee you’ll be smiling through this one. Time: 5 mins


Crane with Kate | Arm Balancing-focused Yoga Class. Today’s yoga class leads to the Crane Pose, a challenging and empowering arm balancing pose. Kate’s direction is to have fun with this class––it’s not about being perfect but exploring what is possible for you today. Time: 24 mins


NEW | Learn the Foundations of Kicking with Farinaz
Round One with Farinaz | Short All-Levels Kickboxing Class

Start today by learning how to kick correctly with champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari. Then put what you learn into practice with a 13-minute class that takes you through Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, and Low Kicks. Enjoy the feeling of power that these exercises provide you. Time: 16 mins


NEW | Full Body Charge Up with Dom | Strength & Cardio-focused Class. In this short but satisfying class, Dom guides through the Pulse Squat, T-Spine Rotation, Bear Plank, Hip Bridge, Eagle Stretch, and Prone Vertical Jump. Add this class to your day when your energy is dipping or you are running low on time. Time: 5 mins


Go outside and move in a way that’s just for fun. Go for a walk or bike ride. Head to a neighbourhood park and kick around a soccer ball. Or if you need it, take a rest day (though we always encourage some fresh air).


Learn Frog with Slava | Level 2
Learn Cartwheel with Slava | Level 3
Learn Supported Savasana with Amanda

This weekend, relearn two moves that encourage you to move freely like you did when you were a child. These are fun moves to try with family or friends. Finish off the workout with a conscious resting pose to help release stress and tension. Time: 5+ mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch On Movement with Chelsea Maier


Move along to your favourite album (or our dance playlist). Because what better way to mix movement and creativity in a way that is fun than to dance it out?