Weekly Moves | Apr 4 – 10

Showing up to your practice 100% leaves no room for a daily decision of “is today the day that I’m going to move?” Instead, every day is a yes. The key to making this sustainable is to shift your mindset about what it means to “check off” the box of movement for the day. This week, challenge yourself to 1) say yes to movement every day, and 2) redefine your mindset about what that looks like. Our weekly schedule is meant to be a guide, not a checklist. Use what works for you and be creative where it doesn’t feel like the right thing. The important thing is to say that 100% of days, you will show up for yourself and move your body in a way that serves it — even if it’s simply going outside and taking a few deep breaths or being still. Let that “count.”


The Schedule


NEW | Wake up Your Inner Warrior with Farinaz | Short Full Body Wake Up. Start your week strong with a full body wake up! This energizing practice is one we highly recommend adding to your morning routine. Time: 2 mins


Strengthen & Surrender with Erica | Build Hip and Hamstring Stability. Today’s practice is a moving meditation of postures that will strengthen the hips and hamstrings. Find balance between ease and effort while bringing a sense of curiosity to your experience of each posture. Time: 22 mins


The Advantage | Intermediate Kickboxing Class with Farinaz. The Advantage is all about adding new dynamic kicks into your repertoire. After a focused Warm Up, practice Straight Punches and Uppercuts before finessing your Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, and exploring the Roundhouse Kick. Remember to go at your own pace as you take on these powerful moves. Time: 22 mins


Twist Workshop
Lunge & Transitions Workshop
Full Body Restorative Yoga Practice

Today, start by learning Twists (great for spine health) and Lunge (helps to strengthen the core, the legs, and increases stability in the hips.) Once you’re comfortable with these two moves, try the 20-minute restorative class––a gentle sequence that encourages you to give yourself permission to rest. Time: 30 mins


Take your movement practice outdoors. Go for a walk, bike ride, or simply step outside and take in a breath of fresh air.


NEW | Learn & Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing with Amanda. This breathing exercise is an early preview of our upcoming Prenatal Program with Amanda. It’s great for both prenatal and postnatal, but everyone can do it (practicing breathing is beneficial for all!). On top of this exercise, choose one of your favourite classes from earlier in the week to practice again, or move your body in another way that serves it this weekend. Time: 4+ mins

Creativity Bonus

What else can you say YES to every day? Maybe it’s dancing, doing a crossword puzzle, cooking a new recipe, or practicing a language you’ve always wanted to learn. This week, try to show up every day to one other thing besides movement.