Weekly Moves | August 1 – 7

This week is all about the importance of slowing down and being intentional in how you move, breathe, and rest. The classes include foundational and restorative practices such as meditation, breathing, and slow, mindful moves which help to strengthen muscles, improve posture, restore balance, and ease your mind. Invest in restorative movement this week and watch how it transforms your mindset in the weeks to come.


The Schedule


NEW | Restore With Amanda | Restorative Movement Class

Amanda describes this postpartum-friendly class as “super restorative” — and it can even be done from the comfort of your bed. This class is about relaxing completely and letting your body heal from this supported place. A perfect way to wind down after weekend activities! Time: 9 mins


Breath Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Optimize your Breathing
Yoga for Mornings with Kate | Gentle Yoga Class

Start the day with a morning yoga class that will awaken your body and prepare you for the day ahead. Then, follow Adrian through a breath workshop on how to optimize your breathing mechanics to improve your performance in daily activities. Practice this box-breath exercise standing, seated in the car or at work, during a workout, or laying on the floor or in your bed. Time: 11 + 6 mins


NEW | Athletic Recovery with Dom | Foam Rolling & Stretch Class
Release | Center Splits Stretch Class

First, follow Dom through a foam rolling and stretch sequence that helps with tight areas, releasing tension, and soothing sore muscles. Finish with a dancer’s stretch routine led by Maddi from Formation Studio. Tip: you don’t have to be as flexible as Maddi on the first try –– this class is designed to be repeated. Before you start the class, watch this short video on how to sync your music playlist. Time: 18 + 12 mins


Strength Patterns with Adrian | Foundational Strength Class

Tune into your body as you move with confidence and stability through three dynamic intervals, resting intentionally between each. Adrian teaches you four movements from his program today: the Knee Drive, Hip Hinge, Crawling, and Prone Extension. Time: 22 mins


Ground with Kate | Weighted Restorative Yoga Class

In today’s grounding yoga class, Kate guides you through gentle and invigorating floor poses, using two weights to increase your core strength and alignment, and expand your balance. This slow and intentional sequence will focus on your back and core flexibility from the ground up. Time: 23 mins


Sit with Amanda | Meditation & Breath Class
Move outdoors

Finish the week with a short practice led by Amanda that will get you comfortable sitting and breathing intentionally. We also encourage you to take time to go outside and move in a way you love this weekend –– swim, bike, enjoy park activities, or go for a neighbourhood walk. Time: 8+ mins

Creativity Bonus

Try bringing a slow and intentional approach to another activity this week. Spend time reading somewhere peaceful, or take your time cooking a new recipe. Think: how can I do this one thing differently so that I feel more rested and refreshed afterwards?