Weekly Moves | August 15 – 21

This week’s high intensity workouts will challenge and engage large muscle groups and leave you feeling energized. Explore your athleticism by trying various activities that will develop your coordination and strength, and improve your performance in daily movements. If you need a modification or way to adapt, don’t count yourself out! Look up our individual Learn videos to learn a foundational breakdown of a movement and build up slowly. Even though you will be pushing yourself, make sure to work within your personal limits and focus on quality and control.


The Schedule


Get Sweaty with Keighty | Core & Cardio-focused HIIT Class

This mobility sequence will get your body in gear with moves like Fast Hands, 180° Hops, Burpees, the Potato Sack Run, and the Dead Bug. This practice combines a Foundation core interval with a high-intensity Tabata, finishing off strong with a deep core exercise. Time: 22 mins


NEW | Middays with Leo | Adaptive Upper Body HIIT Class

Join Leo for a challenging adaptive Tabata class that features moves from various sports, including swimming, boxing, hand cycling, and kayaking. This workout will build your cardiovascular endurance, strength, and sense of vitality. Time: 18 mins


4th Quarter with Dom | Athletic HIIT Class

This one’s all about building on foundational athletic movements! This 4th Quarter workout will lead you through four intervals of four movements to build strength and endurance: Single Leg Forward Hop, Plank Punches, Hamstring Walkouts, and the Forward Lunge. Time: 22 mins


Take a movement break outdoors 🌿

Go for a swim, bike ride, or revisit a sport you love to play. Today is about getting outdoors, enjoying the nice weather, and moving for fun.


Seated Twist with Kate | Hip Opening Restorative Yoga Class

Today, follow Kate Potter through a rejuvenating and restorative floor sequence that flows through poses to open your hips and upper chest to prepare you for Seated Twist. Let your breath lead your practice and find release in restoring yourself today. Time: 24 mins


Loaded Movement with Adrian | Functional Strength Class
Around the Guard with Rob | Cardio Boxing Class

Start by following Adrian through powerful intervals of Agility and full body exercises designed to build a foundation for strength and endurance across the different planes of your body. Then get warm with Rob, moving along to conditioning drills and engaging boxing combinations. Practicing these classes will help you improve your performance in everyday movements. Time: 22 + 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Put on our Dance It Out Spotify playlist (or your favourite playlist or album). Dance freely for a couple songs or until you’ve worked up a sweat.