Weekly Moves | August 22 – 28

This week, have fun getting right to the point with our short and sweet classes. You’ll be surprised how impactful 3 minutes of movement can be to your overall energy and focus throughout the day. We also encourage you to find time each day to incorporate a “movement snack” –– a few stretches while you’re cooking, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or go for a quick afternoon walk around the block. Get creative with how you fit movement into your day!


The Schedule


Warm Up with Dom | Athletic Strength & Cardio Class

Incorporating a Warm Up prepares your body for a state of work and reduces the likelihood of injury. This high-impact sequence contains High Knees, Scapular Push Ups, Clam Shells, a Dynamic Hamstring Stretch, and Vertical Jumps and will get your heart rate going. Time: 4 mins


NEW | Morning Activation with Amanda | Core Breathing Class

Start your day with this simple and powerful class to activate your core and iron out any morning tightness. This is postpartum and recovery friendly class that can be done from a chair or seated on the ground. Time: 5 mins


Mornings with Rob | Easy Stretching & Boxing Footwork Class
Weighted Cool Down with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class

Begin by moving through some gentle full body stretches, deep breathing, mobility work, and a fun footwork series to leave you feeling energized. Then, cool down with Kate Potter in a restorative sequence that includes poses such as Bridge, Reclined Butterfly, Reclined Hamstring, Supine Twist, and Savasana. Take your time and focus on each breath. Time: 4 + 5 mins


NEW | Unstick with Lydia | Gentle Yoga Class

Today’s NEW yoga class is perfect for when you need to take a desk job break. Our “desk” can be a physical desk, our phones, our car, or anywhere we are in a slightly slumped position. Lydia will guide you through a gentle sequence of stretches for your shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles, and back. Time: 12 mins


Learn a New Dance Step | Pas De Bourrée
Movement Foundations Cool Down | Restorative Stretch Class Level 1

Embrace moving creatively today. Follow Hannah from Formation Studio as she teaches you the Pas De Bourrée, a classic stance step found in many styles from ballet to hip hop. Then, join Amanda in a restorative cool down that will help you unwind and transition back into your day. Time: 2 + 5 mins


Mornings with Farinaz | Short & Dynamic Full Body Wake Up
Move outdoors 🌿

Wake up your inner warrior with this short practice that incorporates dynamic stretches and shadow boxing. This class is a reminder that even two minutes of movement can leave you feeling powerful and grounded! If you’d like, double up on this class Saturday and Sunday, or take your movement practice outside. Be adventurous and playful in how you move this weekend. Time: 2 mins

Creativity Bonus

Press play on our Five Minute Songs For Movement Spotify playlist (or your favourite song to move to) and spend just five minutes moving in whatever way your body needs in the moment. If you’re not sure what to do, try practicing the Pas De Bourrée dance move you learned on Friday.