Weekly Moves | August 29 – September 4

Expressing your creativity through movement is a fun and exciting way to explore moving in different ways, whether through music, fitness, sports, or other areas you’re passionate about. Bringing a sense of creativity allows you to channel your imagination, strengthen your body, and stimulate your mind. Explore your creative side this week –– try something new, change up your current movement routine, and above all, have fun with it!


The Schedule


NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Kate (1 Min)Yoga for Focus with Kate (6 Mins)

Kate Potter views every practice as a journey for all ages and levels of understanding, and approaches yoga and movement as creative expression and physical therapy. Learn more about Kate and what to expect from her classes in her newly-released Meet Your Teacher video. Then, follow her lead through a short and sweet yoga sequence designed to increase focus and leave you feeling calm and alert.


NEW | The Art of Belly Dancing | Belly Dancing Basics Class (23 Mins)

If you’ve never taken a belly dancing class before, this is a great place to start! Today you will learn fundamental belly dancing movements and how to combine them together into a beautiful choreography sequence. Let go of expectations and allow yourself to have fun with these new moves!


NEW | Full Body Charge Up with Dom | Strength & Cardio-Focused Class (5 Mins)Air Practice with Kate | Build Hip & Hamstring Flexibility (13 Mins)

First, join Dom in this short but satisfying class that is a perfect to add to your day when your energy is dipping or you are running low on time. Then, Kate will guide you through a grounding yoga class designed to increase your hip and hamstring flexibility. Be mindful of keeping a slow and calming breath as you move.


Freedom | Dance Basics | Foundational Dance Movements (6 Mins)

Today, Hannah from Formation Studio teaches foundational moves to help you connect with the music and fundamental dance steps so you feel comfortable doing dance classes. This is the perfect video to start with if you’re new to dance or want a refresher on the basics.


3D Focus Practice with Adrian | Functional Strength Class (13 Mins)

Connect to your body today in this dynamic strength practice. These agility and strength exercises will challenge you to move with intention, energizing your muscles, joints, and body systems. Feel your body moving with harmony and power.


NEW | The Burner with Dom | All Levels HIIT Class (26 Mins)

Challenge yourself this weekend with Dom’s NEW class –– the theme is intensity! The Burner will do more than improve your physical fitness; it will build your resilience, confidence, and inner strength. Dom will show you modifications to make this class work for you.

Creativity Bonus

WATCH: the short film MONDAY by Candice VallantinREAD: Movement & Creativity by Amanda June Giannakos