Weekly Moves | August 8 – 14

Move in style this week! We don’t mean wearing the latest trends in workout clothes, but being mindful of how what you wear can support your practice, give you the mental boost to push through a tough workout, and help ease you into a routine you love. Consider a few things: What do you feel most comfortable and confident in? Does choosing an outfit the night before a morning workout make it easier to hit the mat? Try experimenting with how you dress and notice the difference it makes in your fitness routine.


The Schedule


A Killer Stance with Farinaz Lari | Beginner Kickboxing Class

This dynamic beginner kickboxing class is designed to help you find your stance and rhythm. Explore new combinations, move through targeted conditioning exercises, and practice fundamental strikes with Farinaz. Finish feeling confident and powerful. Time: 22 mins


Half Moon with Kate | Balancing Yoga Class

This Kate Potter class is about finding your balance. Kate will prepare you for the challenging and graceful Half Moon by working on strengthening standing poses. Tip: let your breath guide you as you move through a fluid sequence incorporating Warrior I, Warrior II, and Lateral Angle. Time: 24 mins


Season Opener with Dom | HIIT Class

Today’s workout combines footwork, core, and compound exercises. Dom will change your mind about how impactful 20-minutes of moving can be. His steady encouragement throughout the practice will give you the confidence you need to see it through. Time: 22 mins


Where It Counts with Rob | Full Body Boxing Class

Go all out with this full-body boxing workout. This practice combines quick, intense sets of core conditioning exercises with powerful combinations and footwork. Push yourself to go faster and stronger until the last bell! Time: 22 mins


Get Strong with Keighty | Full Body Strength Class

This full body strength workout combines quick, intense sets of upper body AMRAP and lower body combinations with compound and plyometric movements. Practicing Get Strong will not only build muscle groups across your entire body, but also contribute to your joint health and longevity in your daily movements. Time: 22 mins


Presence | 34+35 by Ariana Grande | Choreography Dance Class

This weekend, follow Shae from Formation Studio through a slow and sensual choreographed routine to 34+35 by Ariana Grande. This class has a beginner-friendly approach and is about slowing your moves down and expressing yourself. Time: 29 mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch Physical Education with Jordan Connor

In this episode Jordan and NM teacher Dom Termansen talk about the importance of moving to feel good, body standards in the film industry, and how our programs have helped Jordan reconnect with his athletic side while building confidence that goes beyond aesthetics.