Weekly Moves | Feb 14 – 20

An important part of cultivating a positive relationship with fitness is letting your movement be driven by a love and appreciation for your body. Movement isn’t about perfection. It’s about showing up and giving your body what it needs (an important part of loving it). This week’s schedule features a variety of disciplines as variety is a key part of getting to know your body, how it feels in different physical activities, and how that in turn makes you feel as you move through life. Pay special attention to how you feel after each practice.


The Schedule


NEW | Energizing Mobility, Rotation & Stability Class with Keighty. Gently wake up your body with Keighty. Today, set an intention for how you want to feel before you move through a series of mobility, rotation, and stability movements. Time: 6 mins


Release and Restore. This yoga sequence, led by Erica Blitz, will bring you full circle through a series of poses that create space for reflection. This class is especially good to practice before creative pursuits like writing, painting, or cooking. Time: 22 mins


Movement Class with Kate Potter. This 25-minute sequence combines yoga and dance to take you somewhere fresh and new. Bring life and buoyancy to your practice as you engage with Kate Potter’s dance-inspired choreography. Watch Kate’s Before You Begin video to learn more about this style of movement before you do today’s class. Time: 25 mins


NEW | Athletic Mobility & Core Class with Dom. Today, Dom will lead you through a relaxing mobility and core-focused class to wind down from your day. Tip: make sure you are near a wall for this one. Time: 11 mins


Choose a class or outdoor movement activity. 🌿

First, celebrate that you’ve done a week of movement (give yourself some love even if you only did some of the classes. Some movement is better than none!). For today’s practice, choose a class or outdoor activity that you love. If you need rest, that’s okay too––give your body whatever it needs. Time: 15-30 mins


Move with Strength | Day 2 of our Signature Challenge. An important part of staying motivated to move is being inspired. Today, start by watching Physical Education with Adrian Gaskin; an episode that features retired grandmother Patti Nixon learning strength-based moves and sharing how movement has helped her cope with anxiety and build her confidence.

Then, practice Loaded Movement with Adrian––a workout with powerful intervals of agility and full-body exercises. Time: 30 min

Creativity Bonus

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