Weekly Moves | Feb 28 – Mar 6

We all experience barriers, especially when it comes to doing things that are outside of our comfort zones. The first step in breaking down barriers is to identify what they are. Then, find ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable for yourself so that you can create a lasting routine that you actually like to return to daily. This week’s schedule is designed with daily tips to help you explore barrier-breaking methods and figure out what works best for you.


The Schedule


Half Moon with Kate Potter. Enlist a workout buddy or an accountability friend. Find someone to move with or update on your progress as a way to help keep you accountable (or message us– we would love to hear how you’re moving!). Time: 24 mins


Choose a class that fits your schedule. Prioritize movement in your life. Build routine by moving everyday, even if you can only do five minutes. Today, search our Classes by Time and pick a class length that works for your schedule. If you can’t fit in a workout, take the stairs or go for a walk around the block. Time: 5-25 mins


Physical Education with Farinaz Lari. Try something new today. Start by watching Farinaz coach yoga teacher, activist, and actress Shayla Stonechild through her first ever kickboxing experience. Then, choose a class from the channel or move in some other way that’s new to you. Afterwards, take note of how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. Time: 10-30 mins


NEW | Learn the Mindset of Discipline with Champion Kickboxer Farinaz and A Killer Stance practice. Develop your mindset and kick through barriers. Today, learn the mindset of discipline from world champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari. Then, put the lessons into practice with a kickboxing class that introduces you to fundamental moves. Remember: don’t be afraid to use modifications if you need to. Time: 15 mins


NEW | Energizing Stretching & Boxing Footwork Class with Rob. Move in the morning. It’s a great feeling checking an item off your to-do list before breakfast. Today, do this energizing practice at the start of your day. Did you feel more momentum throughout your day? Time: 4 mins


Movement Class with Kate Potter. Get creative with movement. Approaching your practice with creativity will help you stay engaged and have fun with it. Challenge yourself this weekend with Kate’s movement sequence that combines yoga and dance to take you somewhere fresh and new. Time: 25 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read The Beginner, an article about embracing the discomfort of moving in new ways and the surprising outcomes.