Weekly Moves | February 13-19

This week is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone! Open your mind as you engage your body with dynamic movements that focus on your neck, shoulders, and back. As you move, feel how your practice releases tension from your body, moves stagnant energy, and nourishes your spirit!


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Livona (1 Min)
▶︎ NEW | Ballet Arms with Livona | Beginner Dance Class (21 Mins)

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our teaching team, professional ballet & contemporary dancer Livona Ellis! Start your week calm and inspired with Ballet Arms with Livona; a class that introduces you to the basic arm movements in classical ballet, known as port de bras. Feel the movements in your body and let yourself dance!


▶︎ Creativity Flow with Amanda | Playful Stretch Class | Ep 1 (9 Mins)▶︎ Learn a New Dance Step | Pas De Bourrée (2 Mins)

Have fun trying something new today with these two playful classes. Start by joining Amanda for a Creativity Flow that will help you tap into your inner artist. Then, learn the Pas De Bourrée with Hannah, a classic dance step found in many styles from ballet to hip hop.


▶︎ Movement Class with Kate | Yoga Dance Class (25 Mins)▶︎ Learn Sun Salutation with Cam | Foundational Yoga Class (6 Mins)

Today, join Kate for a Yoga Dance Class that will bring life and buoyancy to your practice as you engage with dance-inspired choreography. Then, Learn Sun Salutation with Cam, sequencing together foundational yoga poses and focusing on your breath. Short on time today? Pick one class and enjoy a quick burst of energy in your day!


▶︎ Grace and Gratitude with Erica | Core Strengthening Yoga Class (22 Mins)▶︎ Power Breathing with Rob | Dynamic Breath & Conditioning Class (4 Mins)

Erica’s Core Strengthening Yoga Class is an elegant sequence that will build on your strength and connect your breath to your core. Then, try Rob’s Dynamic Breath and Conditioning Class that will prepare your body for a well-rounded practice and allow you to flow through movements with confidence.


▶︎ Stick It Practice with Rob | Beginner Boxing Class (13 Mins)▶︎ Learn Skipping with Rob (2 Mins)

Whether this is your first time throwing a punch, or you’re rediscovering combat sports, challenge yourself to a Stick It Practice before trying Learn Skipping with Rob. Focus on quality and control with each movement, letting your mind and body get in a groove.


▶︎ Mornings with Leo | Energizing Adaptive Stretch Class (11 Mins)

Today, Leo will lead you through an Energizing Adaptive Stretch Classto wake up your upper body and neck. Move through a series of wrist, shoulder, tricep, neck, and upper back stretches before finishing the class with an energizing Tai Chi breathing exercise.


▶︎ The Agile Belly Dancer | Footwork-focused Belly Dancing Class (24 Mins)▶︎ Learn a New Dance Step | The Biz Markie (2 Mins)

Let’s get dancing! Try this Footwork-focused Belly Dancing Classbefore learning The Biz Markie dance step with Hannah. Today is all about letting go and taking it one step at a time. Have fun expressing your creativity and stepping outside your comfort zone!

The Creativity Bonus

LISTEN TO: Our Spotify Playlist Dance It Out, a go-to collection of songs to get you energized and moving!