Weekly Moves | Jan 17 - 23

This week’s movement schedule is all about learning and getting comfortable with the foundations of boxing. Boxing is an all-encompassing physical and mental workout with benefits for every age and ability. You will build strength, coordination, balance, and work up a sweat — all while training your mind to learn new moves and put them together in combination rounds. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s jump in by learning the most important position in boxing, Stance & Guard.

The Schedule


Learn Stance & Guard from Boxing Foundations. Every boxing movement starts here! The Stance is the foundational position in boxing. Keep moving in this rhythm as you get comfortable. Bonus: keep your app on auto-play and Rob will take you through the next foundational moves in the program. Time: 3 mins or more.


Half Moon yoga class. A challenging yoga sequence with a combination of warrior poses and half moon balancing. Yoga poses require concentration, flexibility, balance, and strength – all hallmarks of boxing. Time: 24 mins.


Stick It with Rob Couzens. Ready for your first boxing class? Put what you learned on Monday to the test in this foundational class that will challenge your full body. Tip: if some of the conditioning exercises are too intense, listen for Rob’s modification options, or download the detailed guide. Time: 22 mins. Suggested equipment: skipping robe, tennis ball.


Feel free to move. Today, move in whatever way you feel like. Move while the coffee brews, practice your Stance & Guard, go for a run – whatever your body needs! Time: 10 mins or more.


NEW CLASS | 5-minute Chair Strength, Boxing & Cardio Practice with Rob Couzens. Follow Rob through a quick practice working on skill, mobility, and cardio, all from your chair. Time: 5 mins.


Power Punch with Rob Couzens. Level up with the next class in our Boxing Foundations program. Power Punch introduces the explosive Cross. Bonus: first check out Rob’s tutorial on the Jab & Cross here. Time: 22 mins. Suggested equipment: skipping robe, tennis ball.

Creativity Bonus

Watch Physical Education with Rob Couzens! In this episode, Rob coaches professional basketball coach and community activist Ivan Yaco through his first ever boxing experience.

As part of this week’s Creativity Bonus, answer the following question: What was one benefit (physical or mental) or lesson you learned from this week’s boxing training?