Weekly Moves | Jan 24 - 30

Learn how to keep your body physically strong and improve resiliency by incorporating weights and strength-focused workouts into your weekly fitness routine. Strength training is key to preserving muscle mass and resilience from our thirties onward. If you’ve never picked up weights before, we’ve got you covered! We’ve prepared a week of newly-released workshops and strength classes to get you moving safely and confidently.


The Schedule


NEW | How to Work with Weights | Learn how to choose & handle your weights with Keighty. Learn how to use weights with confidence starting with what weight is appropriate for you today. In this short video, Keighty talks about the importance of deciding what your strength goals are, what household items you can substitute, and how to handle your weight safely. Bonus: put Keighty’s tips into practice by trying Deadlift Row from her Strength Foundations program here. Time: 6-7 mins


The Athlete with Keighty Gallagher. Get warm with a series of intentional mobility movements before jumping into a high intensity practice. These exercises help to develop coordination and condition your entire body. Time: 22 mins. Suggested equipment: a pair of dumbbells, slam or medicine ball.


Restore with Kate Potter. Follow Kate through this restorative weighted yoga class. Adding weight to your yoga practice is a great way to add depth and balance, ground your body throughout the sequence, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Time: 15 mins. Suggested equipment: a pair of dumbbells.


Take a break and prioritize rest today.

Still want to do a class today? Try the Sit Practice from Yoga Foundations here.


Strength Patterns with Adrian Gaskin. Adrian will lead you through a practice that’s designed to help you move with confidence and stability. Tip: focus on moving intentionally with careful control. Time: 22 mins


NEW | How to Become Your Own Personal Trainer | Build Effective & Safe Workouts. In this new video, Keighty empowers you to become your own personal trainer, breaks down the terminology, and teaches you how to build out your own workouts like a pro. Time: 4 mins

Plus, get outside and play! Pick a movement activity of your choice this weekend.

Creativity Bonus

We believe staying inspired is an important part of cultivating a fitness practice you love. Here are some things we’re inspired by lately that we wanted to share:

WATCH On Movement with Adrian Gaskin | A Passion for Strength at Every Age. In this new release on the channel, Adrian shares his purpose of helping clients rediscover the basics of movement that make up each day and gives purpose to a life. From things like playing with grandkids or cooking a favourite meal.

READ Starting at 60. An inspiring interview with Linda McGrath on how she started weight training at age 60. Now, ten years later, she is lifting more than she ever has before –– proving that there’s no better time to start than the present!