Weekly Moves | Jan 31 - Feb 6

This week’s schedule eases you into the world of Athletic Movement –– an all-levels, practice-anywhere program that combines HIIT-based training with an athletic twist. High-intensity interval training can boost your endurance and your overall health, as well as build discipline and mental and physical toughness. Take it slow as you learn these new exercises; it’s all about quality over quantity. Athletic Movement teacher Dom Termansen advises you to “find a starting point and from there take it real slow. Day by day, you’ll get better and better!”


The Schedule


WATCH | Welcome to Athletic Movement with Dom
WATCH | Learn Modifications & Common Mistakes of Athletic Movement

Get ready for a week of athletic training with a special welcome message from your teacher Dom Termansen. Then, find out how to modify movements and avoid common mistakes so you can perform exercises safely and effectively with Dom’s new workshop. Time: 6 mins


Day 1 of the Athletic Movement Training Plan. Now that you’re familiar with the Athletic Movement program, get a feel for what it’s like to complete a day of the 7 Day Training Plan. Today’s practice is made up of three short movement tutorials that break down the correct techniques and common mistakes, as well as one full class. Our training plans are a great place to learn the foundations of a discipline. Time: 26 mins


Enjoy the outdoors. Go for a walk, run, or find a field and practice one of the moves you learned yesterday.


Homecoming with Dom Termansen. Move through a series of full-body intervals that focus on footwork, core, and compound movements. Tip: focus on quality and control with each round and take advantage of each rest break. Time: 22 mins


Hamstring Practice from Yoga Foundations. Today’s yoga class focuses on opening the hamstrings with slow and conscious movements. Take deep and steady breaths as you move through the sequences and enjoy the stretches. Time: 11 mins


The Competition with Dom Termansen. Finish the week off strong with a class that brings athleticism to your muscles and joints through footwork and floor work. Interested in tips on mastering athletic footwork? Watch Dom’s latest workshop here. Time: 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read and reflect on the following excerpt from Dom’s article The Athlete & The Artist on our online magazine:

“Art and sport, it’s all about creative expression. You can create something completely new every day. Just by doing something slightly differently. Using a different color, backpedaling with more quad or glute, whatever it is.”

Your creativity bonus for this week is to do one thing different in your daily routine. Take a different route on your daily walk, try a new recipe for dinner, or move while the coffee brews. Think about how you can creatively express yourself in one small way each day.