Weekly Moves | January 16-22

This week, we encourage you to honour where you are in your movement journey and make modifications that feel good for you. The best way to move is to have fun, and you’ll see improvements in your overall health through the freedom that movement brings. Enjoy moving with the amazing Sylvia for the first time as she brings her energy and knowledge to her classes. Give these classes a go, your body will thank you for it.

The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Sylvia (1 Min)
▶︎ NEW | Stepish with Sylvia | Full Body Cardio Class  (7 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | How to Sync Your Spotify Playlist with Sylvia (2 Mins)

Join our newest teacher, Sylvia for a variation of the Classic Step Class this week. Let loose, move to the music, and have fun! Then, let your inner Jane Fonda out with Sylvia’s curated upbeat Spotify playlists! Get to know Sylvia, whose approach to fitness is that it should feel good and leave you feeling positive, vital, and creative in your own life.


▶︎ NEW | The Everyday Athlete with Dom Collection (15-30 Mins)

Today, choose a class (or two!) from Dom’s The Everyday Athlete collection. These classes were designed to help you get in touch with your inner athlete, challenge your resilience, and increase your confidence. Give it your best, wherever you’re starting from today!


▶︎ Balance Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (13 Mins)
▶︎ Physical Education with Adrian Gaskin | Interview Series (7 Mins)

Join us for Adrian’s Everyday Mobility Class for your daily balance checkup. These moves will work on your stabilization, coordination, and athleticism, preparing you to work on the dynamic lateral bound. Then, watch as Adrian personally coaches retired grandmother Patti Nixon through functional and strength-based movements from his own program!


▶︎ Earth with Kate | Grounding Yoga Class (24 Mins)

Kate guides you through this grounding class that will open your body but leave you feeling refreshed. This class is perfect to prepare for a long day or restore afterward.


▶︎ Kitchen Dance Party | Beginner-Friendly Dance Class (21 Mins)

Kitchen Dance Party will help you break down barriers and feel confident to put on a song at home and dance it out on your own or with friends. Focus on feeling a little more free in your body with every move!

The Weekend

▶︎ On Movement with Gabriela Schonbach | Interview Series (5 Mins)

Producer and photographer Gabriela Schonbach reflects on a life in movement, the joy and freedom of trying new movements and creative outlets, and the importance of establishing strength and adapting purposefully in each season.

The Creativity Bonus

LISTENSongs for Walking on Spotify. A playlist for brisk walks or neighbourhood strolls.