Weekly Moves | July 25 – 31

This week, you’ll meet our newest NM teacher, Lydia Zamorano, and try two of her new yoga classes: Melty Hips and Feel Better. Lydia’s classes, as well as the rest of this week’s schedule, are designed to better connect you with your body. Focusing on the feeling of your movements will help you become more mindful of how you move in your daily activities. This week is all about exploring a greater sense of mindfulness and presence — both on and off the mat.


The Schedule


NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Lydia
NEW | Melty Hips with Lydia | Hip Opening Yoga Class

Watch Lydia’s ‘Meet Your Teacher’ video to get to know her and learn what to expect from her classes. Then, jump in with a playful new yoga class that will take you through a series of strengthening poses, find release with a variety of forward folds and twists, and finish with a grounding Savasana. This class will melt tension in your hips and leave you feeling better in your body. Time: 1 + 16 mins


Get Balanced with Keighty Gallagher | Strength Foundations Class

Follow Keighty as she guides you in a mobility sequence to wake up your body in this class that’s all about core and back stability. Finish off with intention with a flexibility Cool Down to take advantage of the work you’ve put in today! Time: 22 mins


NEW | Feel Better with Lydia | Full Body Yoga Class

Another new class with Lydia! Feel Better connects intentional movements to your breath, allowing you to find space to bring yourself into the present moment, land in your body, and most importantly, be yourself. Enjoy moving through seated twists, a fluid standing flow, and finishing with a restorative hip opening cool down and Savasana. Time: 26 mins


Triggerpoint Workshop with Adrian
Perfect Daily Stretch | Flexibility Dance Class

Triggerpoint therapy helps to connect your body to your mind, and hydrates soft tissue to improve your health, longevity, and recovery. Today, start by learning the basics of triggerpoint work in Adrian’s 10-minute workshop. Finish the day with Hannah Mae from Formation Studio and an active full-body stretch routine that will help you find a sense of fluidity in your movements. Time: 10 + 15 mins


NEW | Core Connection with Amanda | Foundational Core Strength Class
Foundational Sun Salutations with Amanda | Beginner Yoga Class

Today we have back-to-back classes with Amanda. Follow her through a short practice where you will learn and practice 360 Breathing and the Two Step Exhale, two simple yet powerful breathing exercises, followed by a 15-minute yoga class that calls for you to focus on reaching a place of intentional relaxation. Time: 3 + 15 mins


Before You Begin Fire Fan Sequence
Fire Fan Practice with Kate | Intermediate Yoga Class

Finish the week with a classic Kate Potter practice. Start with six short tutorials that focus on key poses you’ll need to know for the Fire Fan Practice. Once you’re comfortable with the poses, follow Kate through the challenging 35-minute sequence that works to leave you feeling vibrant and strong in your presence. Time: 13 + 36 mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch Episode 1 of our new interview series, Playbook, where we sit down with people of different backgrounds to discuss strategies they use to move through life.