Weekly Moves | July 4 – 10

The physical demands in our daily activities are rarely symmetrical or linear. From unloading groceries to carrying an awkward piece of furniture up the stairs, if we aren’t used to a wide spectrum of movement, it can increase the likelihood of injuries. This week’s schedule is designed with variety in mind! Adding variability to your activities isn’t just fun –– it plays an essential role in keeping you healthy.


The Schedule


On the Offense with Farinaz Lari | Energizing Kickboxing Class

We’re starting the week with an energy boost! Get warm, find your fighting stance, and settle into this workout as Farinaz guides you through fundamental kickboxing strikes. Time: 22 mins


Powered On with Adrian | Functional Strength Class

Today, follow Adrian though a practice that combines smooth and dynamic agility drills with Lower-Body, Upper-Body, and Core focused movements. Powered On will build muscle groups across your entire body, and train your body to move with purpose and ease in your daily movements. Time: 22 mins


Sit with Amanda | Meditation & Breath Class

This short practice will release tension and get you comfortable sitting and breathing intentionally. It’s a practice of being present. Remember — when we still the breath, we still the mind. Time: 8 mins


NEW | Evenings with Leo | Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class

Follow Leo through a series of groin, hip, and shoulder stretches and restorative spinal mobility poses that will leave you feeling restored and refreshed. Leo uses his wheelchair and a foam pad as props during the class, but the exercises can also be done without any equipment. Time: 9 mins


Restore with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class

Today’s restore practice with Kate Potter explores restorative poses with the addition of two weights to add depth and balance, ground your body throughout the sequence, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Tip: focus on your breath as you move. Time: 15 mins


Enjoy moving outdoors 🌿

This weekend, enjoy fresh air and sunshine while moving in ways that you love or trying something new! If you feel like doing a class, choose one from our New Around Here playlist.

Creativity Bonus

Read Movement & Creativity by Amanda June Giannakos and think about how you can “let the magic happen” in your own practice.