Weekly Moves | June 13 – 19

This week, we go in-depth with our favourite Kate Potter classes. Kate’s renowned teaching style emphasizes the practice of finding grace within our limitations, and a sense of play amidst challenge. Practice this on the mat with her this week, and then take that attitude into your daily life and watch as you begin to move more freely, gracefully, and joyfully.


The Schedule


Sunbird with Kate | Core Strengthening Yoga Class

Awaken your deep core, mobilize your spine, and get energized with this Namaste Yoga classic. Kate Potter will guide you through dynamic poses that work on coordination, balance, and internal strength. Time: 25 mins


Before You Begin Foundations of Weighted Yoga
Common Mistakes of Foundations of Weighted Yoga
Zoom Stretches with Kate Potter | Chair Yoga Class

Today, try adding weights to your yoga practice! Start by watching two short videos that will prepare you to move safely and with confidence. Then, take a movement break during the day with Kate’s Zoom Stretches class. Feel relief from tension and stiffness, and return to your day refreshed! Time: 11 mins


Mornings with Kate | Energizing Weighted Yoga Class
Evenings with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class

Continue learning foundations of weighted yoga with a short and energizing morning class, designed to fit with ease into your day. This refreshing practice will connect with your body and breath. Finish your day with an evening class that will soften and restore your muscles and your mind. Time: 5 + 6 mins


Movement Class with Kate | Yoga Dance Class

Get creative today with a sequence that combines yoga and dance to take you somewhere fresh and new. Bring life and buoyancy to your practice as you engage with Kate Potter’s dance-inspired choreography. Time: 25 mins


Move outdoors + A class of your choice from our Classes with Kate Potter playlist.

Take your movement practice outside today and go for a walk, hike, bike ride, swim –– it’s up to you! If you would like to do a class, pick something new or an old favourite from our Classes with Kate Potter playlist.


Swan with Kate | Hip Opening Yoga Class
Extend with Kate | Weighted Yoga Class

Swan with Kate is about moving between strength and softness. Kate incorporates variations on Swan Pose, a deep hip opener, that will leave you feeling open and grounded. Finish the week strong with Extend, a class that activates and energizes your entire body as you move with intention through sequences of standing poses. Time: 24 + 23 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read Creative Expression & Movement, an interview with longtime Kate Potter student Tinke Mereen where she talks discovering creative expression through dancing, painting, and singing, and shares what makes Kate Potter classes so special.