Weekly Moves | June 27 – July 3

Keeping up a fitness practice while travelling and in unfamiliar surroundings can be challenging, which is why it’s beneficial to have flexibility in your approach. This week’s schedule is designed with classes that can be practiced wherever you are, but we also want to encourage you to be creative. On a plane? Try a breathing exercise. Don’t have a lot of time? Do a 5-minute class. Is your body stiff from being in transit? Try a stretch class. The key is to just keep moving.


The Schedule


Movement Class Sequence with Kate | Yoga Dance Class

Start the week with a Kate Potter class that riffs on classic poses you already love. Enjoy this new approach to movement, even if it’s strange or awkward at first. If you haven’t tried Downward Dog with your legs crossed, why not? Time: 15 mins


4th Quarter Practice with Dom | Athletic HIIT Class

Today’s HIIT class is made up of footwork, core, and compound exercises that will challenge and engage large muscle groups and energize your entire body. Follow Dom’s lead and finish strong. Time: 13 mins


NEW | Kitchen Dance Party x NM | Beginner-friendly Dance Class

What’s better than a mid-week dance party? Today, move through this beginner-friendly dance class led by Hannah from Formation Studio. It’s all about feeling loose in your body and having fun. Time: 21 mins


Move outdoors or move while the coffee brews.

Today is your reminder that taking walks and small stretch breaks in whatever time and space you have available still counts as exercises. Take this time to really tune in to how your body is feeling.


Mornings with Dom | Neck Mobility & Athletic Core Class
Extended Cool Down with Kate | Restorative Class

Warm up with a series of neck mobility exercises designed to increase your range of motion and alleviate tension. Cool down with a restorative yoga class that uses weight to add depth to familiar poses. If you’re travelling or don’t have access to weight, you can find a substitute or do the class without weight. Time: 12 + 10 mins


NEW | Core Essentials with Farinaz | Core Strengthening Class
Hamstring Flexibility with Amanda | Yoga Class

Today’s NEW class is Farinaz’s go-to core workout! This short class will work your core and leave you feeling powerful. Finish the week with Amanda’s restorative practice, focusing on opening the hamstrings with slow and conscious moves. This is a great practice if you’re experiencing hamstring tightness. Time: 4 + 11 mins

Creativity Bonus

This week, try doing one class in a different space that where you usually practice. If you don’t have a lot of space available, then put on our Spotify playlist and dance it out in the kitchen, park, bedroom – wherever you are!