Weekly Moves | June 6 – 10

This week, go in-depth with champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari and her Kickboxing Foundations Program. Feel free to go at your own pace, or follow along with the full 7-day challenge. The discipline of kickboxing brings many physical and mental benefits for students of all ages and ability levels. If you are unsure of how to employ modifications for safe and effective movements, please reach out to us for assistance.


The Schedule


NEW | Learn the Mindset of Discipline with Champion Kickboxer Farinaz
Day 1 of Kickboxing Foundations

Get ready for a week of kickboxing by getting in the mindset. In this short video, Farinaz encourages you to tap into your inner champion, build discipline, and increase your confidence. Begin with Day 1 by learning foundational moves Jab and Cross, Knee Strike, and Front Kick. Then, find your stance and rhythm with the beginner level class A Killer Stance. Time: 34 mins


Day 2 of Kickboxing Foundations. For Day 2, we’re learning the Hook and Front Kick. Once you’ve got these moves down, follow Farinaz through Round One, a class that will help you build on your basic punches. Gain confidence with your boxing stance and get ready to incorporate new moves tomorrow. Time: 26 mins


Day 3 of Kickboxing Foundations. Today, start by learning and practicing Uppercut and Middle Kick with Farinaz. Then move on to the energizing On the Offense class where you will get warm, find your fighting stance, and settle into this workout of fundamental kickboxing strikes. Time: 26 mins


Day 4 of Kickboxing Foundations. You’ve reached the halfway point of the challenge! Learn Knee Strike and Roundhouse Kick, and try the intermediate class, The Advantage, which is all about adding new dynamic kicks into your repertoire. This class will challenge and improve your form and energize your full body. Time: 27 mins


Day 5 of Kickboxing Foundations. Switch things up today with a Full Body Restorative Yoga Class, a healing practice important for all levels, and a complimentary practice to the two short Kickboxing Foundations conditioning classes. Time: 27 mins


Day 6 of Kickboxing Foundations
Day 7 of Kickboxing Foundations

You’ve got this! For Day 6, practice Front Kick, learn the powerful Superman Punch, a move that lets you embrace your inner superhero (remember to go at your own pace), and follow Farinaz through her intermediate class, The Champion. Then, finish the week off with conditioning paired with a Full Body Restorative Yoga Class to wind down. Time: 26 + 27 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read The Power of Kickboxing, an interview with Farinaz’s kickboxing student, Ani Nazari, on her journey to discovering and finding strength in a new form of movement.