Weekly Moves | Mar 28 – Apr 3

We spend a lot of our lives on chairs, couches, our bed, but when was the last time you sat on the floor? How you get up and down from the floor is a clinical indicator of general health and used as an assessment tool for musculoskeletal fitness. As we age, this simple movement can become much more challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We can train for it and make it fun. This week is all about giving you the tools to move to and from the floor with ease.


The Schedule


Learn Corkscrew with Slava | Level 1
Movement Class with Amanda | Level 1

Movement Foundations teacher Slava calls Corkscrew “a cool way to get up and down from the floor.” And it is! Corkscrew tests your balance and teaches you how to recruit the underused inner leg muscles. Once you’re comfortable with this move, follow Amanda through a movement class that’s all about changing planes. Time: 22 mins


NEW | Advanced Stretching Class with Farinaz. This dynamic full-body stretching class is Farinaz’s personal conditioning routine that she practices before her own kickboxing training. Remember to modify where you need. Time: 7 mins


NEW | Full Body Strength Conditioning Class with Keighty. Today, Keighty leads you through a simple athletic strength and conditioning class that will leave you feeling grounded, strong, and powerful. Time: 6 mins


Introduction to Restore with Kate & Restore with Kate. Explore restorative poses with the addition of two weights to add depth and balance, ground your body, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Before you start the Restore class, we recommend watching Kate’s short introduction video. Time: 17 mins


Learn Hamstring Walkout with Dom
Hamstring Flexibility Class with Amanda

Start today by learning Hamstring Walkout from our Athletic Movement program. Tip: when walking your feet out, it’s important not to go further than your body is comfortable with. Then, move through a restorative yoga practice designed to open the hamstrings with slow and conscious movements. Time: 12 mins


Learn Banded Deadbug with Adrian
Core Workshop with Adrian
Learn a New Dance Step | Pas de Bourrée
Extended Cool Down with Kate

This weekend is all about variety. On Saturday, work on strengthening your core with Adrian. And on Sunday, finish your week by practicing your Pas De Bourrée and cool down with Kate Potter. Don’t forget to get outside for a walk. Time: 10 + 13 mins

Creativity Bonus

Try combining sitting on the ground with a creative activity. Play with the kids, do an art project, read, or plant spring flowers. If you need support, use a cushion or folded blanket. Pay attention to how your body feels and adjust or stretch as needed. When you’re ready to return to standing, practice Corkscrew or try a new way of getting up.