Weekly Moves | May 2 – 8

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with Formation Studio to bring you beginner-friendly dance classes on the channel! Dance is a great way to challenge yourself and to find freedom in moving your body. Consider this week’s schedule an introduction to the foundations of dance. You’ll learn things like how to find the beat, get a feel for choreography, and try an energetic Kitchen Dance Party. It’s not about doing the steps perfectly, looking a certain way, or having previous dance experience. It’s about having fun and feeling empowered to express yourself in new ways.


The Schedule


NEW | Welcome to Your Beginner Dance Classes with Formation Studio
NEW | Freedom | Dance Basics | Learn How to Find the Beat

Start by watching an encouraging welcome video from Saschie MacLean-Magbanua, Owner and Founder of Formation Studio, and learn what to expect from the dance classes. Then, follow Hannah from Formation Studio through a 10-minute exercise on how to find the rhythm of a song. This exercise will help you understand what the beat is and how to catch it – a foundation in dance. Time: 2 + 10 mins


NEW | Kitchen Dance Party x NM | Beginner-friendly Dance Class. Kitchen Dance Party is designed for beginner dancers and will give you all the tools to find your personal dance style. This class is made to be repeated, so don’t worry if you lose a step or miss a beat today — just focus on feeling a little more free in your body each time you hit play. This is a dance party! Follow the instructions in the class description to sync your music or watch this ‘how to’ video. Time: 21 mins


Swan with Kate | Hip Opening Yoga Class. Follow Kate Potter through this hip opening practice that’s all about moving between strength and softness. Kate incorporates variations on Swan Pose, a deep hip opener, that will leave you feeling open and grounded. Time: 24 mins


Take a movement break & go for a walk!

Or take a rest day. Today is all about checking in with your body and seeing what it needs.


NEW | FREEDOM | Ep 1 | Dance-based Fitness Class. Today’s class is an energetic and fun cardio dance party. Freedom is inspired primarily by hip hop but pulling from different genres and styles. Don’t worry about hitting every move, just keep moving. Time: 29 mins


Middays with Keighty | Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class
Plus, a class of your choice

Start by joining Keighty for a 5-minute afternoon wake up call. Get silly and shake things out! Just like with dance, it’s not about being perfect but it is about having fun. If you’re up to it, pick a dance class from the new collection or repeat a favourite class from the week. Time: 5+ mins

Creativity Bonus

Put on our Dance It Out playlist on Spotify, or pick a favourite album or playlist of your own, and try moving and dancing freely to the music. If you’re not sure what to do, practice one of the new moves you learned this week.