Weekly Moves | May 23 – 29

Performing movements correctly and safely is a very important part of working out. Good form reduces the likelihood of getting injured, supports oxygen flow, and helps you build consistency in your practice. This week’s schedule is designed with a mix of classes and workshops that focus on teaching correct technique so you can get the most out of your workouts.


The Schedule


Mornings with Adrian | Stretching, Proprioception & Coordination Class. Get your body warm and ready for the day! In this morning movement practice, you’ll move through a sequence of exercises to wake up large muscle groups and joints and connect your mind to your body. Focus on moving mindfully. Time: 6 mins


NEW | Learn How to Throw a Punch with Rob | Jab Workshop
NEW | Middays with Rob | Chair Strength & Cardio-based Boxing Class

Start by learning the basics of a fundamental punch, the Jab! Rob covers how to execute your technique properly, defend yourself, and incorporate footwork. It’s all about repetition and finding your form. Next, follow Rob through a quick practice working on skill, mobility, and cardio, all from a chair. Time: 4 + 5 mins


Core Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Improve Your Core Stability. In today’s 6-minute workshop, Adrian will teach you how to improve your core stability. Remember: the stronger your core is, the better you will move through each day – picking up groceries, trying a new workout, or sitting at your desk. Time: 6 mins


Movement of your choice!

Get outside and go for a walk, run, or bike ride, or try a new class. Check in with yourself and ask: what do I need today?


Align Your Axis with Erica | Spinal Alignment Yoga Class. Awaken your whole body with this powerful sequence led by Erica Blitz. This class will strengthen your core and open your hamstrings in preparation for challenging standing twists. Time: 22 mins


NEW | Middays with Dom | Dynamic Athletic Conditioning Class
Powered On with Adrian | Functional Strength Class

This weekend, get your flow on with Dom’s dynamic conditioning class that’s all about finding your athletic form by improving one rep at a time. Then, follow Adrian through a full-body strength workout that combines smooth and dynamic agility drills with Lower-Body, Upper-Body, and Core focused movements. Time: 8 + 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read Starting at 60, an interview with Linda McGrath where she discusses discovering weight training at 60 years old and the ways being active have impacted her life over the past ten years.