Weekly Moves | November 21-27

This week is all about rediscovering your inner athlete. Too often we compare ourselves to the athletes we used to be, letting our old memories of being first across the finish line steal the joy of moving in the present. This week, remember to celebrate and be proud of how far you’ve come! Each day holds a new opportunity to grow in your athletic journey.


The Schedule


▶︎ Round One with Farinaz Lari | Beginner Kickboxing Class (22 Mins)
▶︎ Evenings with Dom | Athletic Mobility & Core Class (11 Mins)

Bring confidence to your stance with Farinaz’s Beginner Kickboxing Class, and get ready to learn new moves that will challenge and strengthen you. Then, restore your body with Evenings with Dom, a relaxing mobility and core-focused class that will help you wind down from your day.


▶︎ The Athlete with Keighty | High Intensity Strength Class (22 Mins)

Explore and challenge your athleticism in this High Intensity Strength Class with Keighty. Get warm with a series of intentional mobility movements before jumping into a fast-paced practice that will condition your entire body.


▶︎ NEW | The Challenge with Adrian | Functional HIIT Class (24 Mins)

Let’s keep moving! Today, join Adrian for a fun and exciting Functional HIIT Class, designed to challenge your fitness levels and increase your confidence.


▶︎ NEW | Flow Like Water | Full Body Belly Dancing Class (24 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | Mornings with Leo | Energizing Adaptive Stretch Class (11 Mins)

Start today’s workout with a Full Body Belly Dancing Class, developing your dance coordination and conditioning. Then, try this Energizing Adaptive Stretch Class, where Leo will lead you through a series of adaptive excersizes to wake up your upper body.


▶︎ 3D Focus with Adrian | Functional Strength Class (22 Mins)

Connect to your body today with this dynamic strength practice! 3D Focus with Adrian combines agility and strength exercises that will challenge you to move with intention and energize your muscles.

The Weekend

▶︎ On Movement with Johny Daniel (7 Mins)

CrossFit athlete and coach Johny Daniel shares how losing his passion for football led to discovering a new purpose in life. Find inspiration through Johny’s determination to keep moving, becoming better one day at a time.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH: Playbook with Karen, who shares her story of moving forward in her fitness journey as she embraces new chapters and challenges in life.