Weekly Moves | October 24-30

This week, approach movement with the mindset of an athlete as you integrate short bouts of training into your schedule. As you work on your athletic mindset, watch our new release of the Oscar-winning film, The Queen of Basketball, an inspiring story that will give you new perspective and inspiration to the way you move. Use the schedule below to enjoy the freedom that movement brings.



The Schedule


▶︎ The Queen of Basketball

Get excited for the week ahead with the Oscar-winning film The Queen of Basketball, a documentary that highlights the incredible story of Lusia “Lucy” Harris – the first and only woman officially drafted into the N.B.A. Here, she shares her story in her own words. Pair with one of our most popular athletic classes: Season Opener with Dom. Remember to modify as needed!


▶︎ The Athlete with Keighty | High Intensity Strength Class (22 Mins)
▶︎ Learn How to Master Athletic Footwork | Workshop with Dom (3 Mins)

Let’s get started! Warm up with Keighty in The Athlete, starting with a series of mobility movements before jumping into a high-intensity practice. Then, focus on your form in Dom’s Athletic Footwork Workshop.


▶︎ Morning Activation with Amanda | Core Breathing Class (5 Mins)
▶︎ Mornings with Kate | Energizing Weighted Yoga Class (5 Mins)

Today is all about engaging your body and mind. Start your day with Amanda’s Morning Activation Class followed by Kate’s Energizing Weighted Yoga Class. Practice them back-to-back or try a morning and evening movement reset.


▶︎ NEW | Athletic Recovery with Dom | Foam Rolling & Stretch Class (18 Mins)
▶︎ Middays with Rob | Chair Strength & Cardio-based Boxing Class (5 Mins)

Bring your body into alignment as Dom guides you through a full body Foam Rolling & Stretch Class, designed to get into tight areas, release tension, and soothe sore muscles. Then, try Rob’s Chair Strength & Cardio-based Boxing Class, a quick practice that will improve your skill and mobility.


▶︎ NEW | Middays with Farinaz | Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class (3 Mins)
▶︎ Middays with Keighty | Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class (5 Mins) 

It’s time to break a sweat! Farinaz’s Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class is a quick class that will get your blood flowing before shaking it out to Keighty’s Fun Agility & Stability Drill.

This Weekend

▶︎ Evenings with Amanda | Refreshing Deep Stretch & Muscle Release (10 Mins)
▶︎ Evenings with Dom | Athletic Mobility & Core Class (11 Mins)

Start off with Amanda’s Refreshing Deep Stretch & Muscle Release Class, an evening practice to relieve stress and tension from the day. Follow this with Dom’s Athletic Mobility & Core Class, a relaxing mobility and core-focused class to help you wind down.

Creativity Bonus

READ: Lessons in Basketball, an interview with Ivan Yaco on how he uses the sport to help the next generation succeed.