Weekly Moves | October 31-November 6

This week, allow your gentle movement sessions to restore your body and help you move with energy. As you fully engage in these classes, focus on winding down and honouring your body. Let go of tension from the day and step into a state of calm as you slow your roll.



The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Fully Restore with Lydia | Restorative Yoga Class (15 Mins)

Join Lydia for a short and deeply Restorative Yoga Class. Try this class when your plate feels a little too full, or before bedtime for a restorative sleep.


▶︎ Air Practice with Kate | Build Hip & Hamstring Flexibility (13 Mins)
▶︎ Mornings with Adrian | Stretching, Proprioception & Coordination Class (6 Mins)

Start your workout with this grounding yoga class, designed to help you Build Hip & Hamstring Flexibility. This class will leave you feeling centered and refreshed. Then, get your body warm and ready for the day with this Stretching, Proprioception & Coordination Class with Adrian that will connect your body and mind.


▶︎ NEW | Lower Body with Amanda | Movement Class (15 Mins)
▶︎ Movement Class Sequence with Kate | Yoga Dance Class (15 Mins)

Start your workout with this subtle but powerful Movement Class, where Amanda will lead you through moves to strengthen and stabilize your lower body. Then, try Kate’s Yoga Dance Class, an original and creative sequence that will focus on your breath.


▶︎ Perfect Daily Stretch | Flexibility Dance Class (15 Mins)

Hannah Mae from Formation Studio will guide you through this Flexibility Dance Class designed to reconnect you with your body, increase your range of flexibility, and find a sense of fluidity in your movements.


▶︎ NEW | Circles in the Sand | Roll-focused Belly Dancing Class (24 Mins)

One of the most beautiful elements of belly dancing is the circular motions of movement. This Roll-focused Belly Dancing Class will combine moves into a stunning choreographed sequence. Go slowly, moving with control and intention.

This Weekend

▶︎ Movement Class with Amanda | Functional Movement Class | Level 2 (22 Mins)
▶︎ Cool Down with Keighty | Hips & Glutes Release Class (3 Mins)

Start with Amanda’s Functional Movement Class to challenge your coordination and strength. Then, Cool Down with Keighty as you transition into a state of rest. Incorporating a Cool Down practice will help your body wind down and reduce your likelihood of injury.

Creativity Bonus

LISTEN: Slow Moves, our Spotify playlist that will help you slow down and move mindfully.