Calm your nerves and relieve your stress with this Weekly Moves schedule.

Need a quick reset, restorative stretch, or a brain break? This week’s schedule will help you unwind and calm as you take time to move during your day. A short break of intentional movement will calm your nervous system, clear your head, and relax your body.


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Essential Back Strength with Amanda | Beginner Pilates Class (11 Mins)

Strengthen your back and lengthen your spine today with Amanda in this Beginner Pilates Class. This class is done lying down with slow and intentional movements. Press play if you want to feel restored and strong!


▶︎ NEW | Dancer’s Preparation with Livona | Playful Movement Class (22 Mins)

Put on cozy clothes and join Livona for a dancer’s warm-up! This Playful Movement Class will increase your functional mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination. These movements are a mix of pilates, dance, yoga, and strength, and will connect you to your body in a new way.


▶︎ NEW | Movement for Stress Release (Collection)

Take time to unwind today! Pick a class from our New Movement for Stress Release Collection, and experience the restorative benefits of movement as you release stress from your body and mind!


▶︎ Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda (2 Mins)
▶︎ Full Body Restorative with Amanda | Yoga Class (20 mins)

Today’s practice is about releasing stress and helping your body relax! Start by learning Supported Rest Pose and get tips on how to support your body while in the pose. Then, take what you learn into Amanda’s Yoga Class, a practice that will give you permission to rest.


▶︎ NEW | Fully Restore with Lydia | Restorative Yoga Class (15 Mins)

Join Lydia for a short and deeply restorative yoga practice. In just 15 minutes, you will feel the benefits of letting your body fully relax into these healing poses. Try this Restorative Yoga Class when your plate feels a little too full or before bedtime for a restorative sleep.


▶︎ Create Your Calm with Erica | Grounding Yoga Class (22 Mins)

Today’s Grounding Yoga Class with Erica will help you cultivate a sense of peace and stability. In this calming sequence you will strengthen your core and open your hips, hamstrings, and upper body, flowing through poses with ease and grace.


▶︎ Perfect Daily Stretch | Flexibility Dance Class (18 Mins)
▶︎ Breath Foundations with Cam | Calming Breath Class (4 Mins)

Finish this week calm and strong! Begin with a Perfect Daily Stretch, designed to increase your range of flexibility and fluidity in your movements! Then try this Calming Breath Class with Cam, learning effective breath technique to increase your ability to move through life with a calm confidence.


The Creativity Bonus

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