The Core of It

All that we do comes back to the core! Whether it’s sitting to watch a movie, spring cleaning, managing an ongoing injury, or even just breathing in and out – it all connects to a strong and engaged core. Let’s take some time to show our core some love so we can move through this week feeling stable and strong.


The Schedule


▶︎ Core Connection with Amanda | Foundational Core Strength Class (3 Mins)

Start the week with a connected core! Follow Amanda through two simple yet powerful breathing exercises to establish strength and stability in your core muscles. These moves are foundational for all and key for those re-establishing core strength in postpartum recovery.


▶︎ Middays with Leo | Adaptive Upper Body HIIT Class (18 Mins)

Challenge yourself to something new today with Leo’s adaptive Tabata class. This HIIT workout is designed for all levels and will build your cardiovascular endurance, strength, and sense of vitality. Let’s do it!


▶︎ NEW | Contemporary Floor with Livona | Beginner Dance Class (8 Mins)

Take it to the ground with Livona! Today’s class is all about developing your coordination and sense of spatial awareness. Be encouraged to move in vulnerable, childlike, and graceful ways that play with gentle curves and create new movement pathways in your practice.


▶︎ NEW | Athletic Core with Dom | Core-Focused Class (14 Mins)

Join Dom for a short athletic core-focused workout that moves away from traditional sit-ups or crunches. These focused and intentional moves will prevent power leaks in your core and make you a more explosive athlete in your everyday life.


▶︎ NEW | Neck & Shoulders Release with Lydia | Restorative Movement Class (22 Mins)

Make some time in your schedule today to feel ease in your body, finding release for tense neck and shoulders with this class. Lydia will guide you through a gentle neck stretch and self-massage before moving into poses to help you find ease in your shoulders.


▶︎ Powered On with Adrian | Functional Strength Class (22 Mins)

Go all out with this full-body strength class! This practice combines smooth and dynamic agility drills with upper body, lower body, and core-focused movements. Build your overall strength, training your body to move with purpose and ease in your daily movements.


Rest Day
▶︎ NEW | Movement for Back and Core Support (Collection)

Take a rest day, or choose a class from our NEW Movement for Back and Core Support Collection! Click “Add to My List” and come back to this collection when you need a class to refresh your back, feel stable and balanced, or challenge your core strength!

The Creativity Bonus

LISTEN TO: Five Minute Songs For Movement, a Spotify playlist that is sure to get you in the mood to move!