Weekly Schedule | Improve Your Sleep This Week

Sleep is important for your mental well-being, energy and stamina, and physical health and restoration. With this week’s short and sweet fitness schedule, you can improve your quality of sleep, feel more refreshed in the morning, and increase your energy and confidence in your days.


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Movement For Better Sleep (Collection)

Choose a class from our NEW Movement for Better Sleep collection to prepare your body and mind for sleep. Loosen up your body and relieve tension from the day with Mellow Moves with Lydia. Or release energy and get your heart rate up before bed with Evenings with Dom – tune into what your body needs today, and add this collection to your list to come back to anytime!


▶︎ NEW | Bedtime Tuck with Amanda | Restorative Stretch Class (14 Mins)

Get ready for a good night’s sleep! Grab your pillow and try this Bedtime Tuck Class with Amanda, moving through a series of gentle movements to melt the stress of your day away.


▶︎ NEW | Express Core with Sylvia | Core-Focused Class (8 Mins)

Do this new energy-boosting class in the morning to start the day off fresh, or try it in the evening to expend any leftover energy you have from the day. Pick up a light weight (or a can from your kitchen cupboard) and join Sylvia for a short workout!


▶︎ Yoga for Sleep with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class (14 Mins)

Join Kate will for a Restorative Yoga Class designed to prepare you for deep and restful sleep. Begin with a grounding breath exercise and finish with a soothing Savasana.


▶︎ NEW | Fully Restore with Lydia | Restorative Yoga Class (15 Mins)

Unwind with Lydia’s Restorative Yoga Class, a short and deeply relaxing practice. Enjoy moving through this class before bedtime for a restorative sleep.


▶︎ NEW | Evenings with Leo | Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class (9 Mins)

Try Leo’s Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class to restore your body as you move through a series of groin, hip, and shoulder stretches, along with spinal mobility poses. This class will loosen up large muscle groups that gather tension (especially from desk work!) and help you unwind.


▶︎ Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda (2 Mins)

Follow Amanda’s lead through a Supported Rest Pose to release stress and tension in your body and mind. Allow yourself to fully let go, finding the balance between movement and stillness.

The Creativity Bonus

LISTEN TO: Songs For Rest, a curated playlist of songs to leave you calm and ready for bed.