Wellness Practices & Products We Love―Here’s How We’re Caring For Ourselves

Your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological well being requires far more than a “treat yourself” mindset. Self-care is about creating practices and routines to support your whole, vibrant life. It’s not just about feeling happy or less tired. It’s about being present in your relationships, coping well when stress comes, knowing your beauty and worth, feeling strong and capable in your body, trusting your decisions, and being settled in who you are. In this moment, and for the long haul. Take care of yourself today. The ripple effect will benefit not only future you, but all the people you love and care for.

While self-care practices may take many forms, at the end of the day, your routine should be personal to you. Here’s a list of some of our go-to practices and products that help keep us feeling confident, calm, and connected―all the unique ways we are living well.

If you want to feel more confident

  • Buy fresh flowers. Fresh lavender and eucalyptus are a budget-friendly option that dry nicely and bring joy for a longer time! Tip: hang eucalyptus in your shower for an at-home spa experience.
  • Drink plenty of water. Fill up your bottle at the beginning of the day and take it with you. We find a convenient cup or bottle with a straw goes a long way!
  • Create a bedtime skincare routine that you enjoy. We’re all about the masks―LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, Acure Rejuvenating Eye Mask, and Grace and Stella Gold Energizing Under Eye Masks! Ask yourself, how do I like to care for myself at the end of the day?
  • Speak kindly to yourself. The way we speak to ourselves matters. Try complimenting yourself the way you would a good friend.
  • Get a facial. Invite a friend, then enjoy a pastry or two and conversation at a nearby cafe.

If you want to keep your mind organized and inspired

  • Do activities with your hands. Try something practical, like dishes, cooking, gardening, knitting, or playing piano. Or, do arts and crafts with a friend or the kiddos in your life. 
  • Post-it notes. Write a reminder, prompt, or quote that grounds you, inspires you, or brings you joy. Stick it somewhere you will see it every day!
  • Spring cleaning. Go through your closet and donate the items you no longer wear. Or keep it simple and spend 5 minutes organizing a small surface that’s been a little over-looked. This simple act declutters both your space and mind.

If you want to feel more rested

  • Take an epsom salt bath. Dr Teal’s Epsom Salts is our favorite bath essential.
  • Bake. We like to make sourdough, banana bread, and homemade chocolate. What’s a slow and tasty recipe you want to try? We always recommend making a little extra to share with a friend, coworker, or neighbour.
  • Listen to music. Cultivate the mood you want to create with an album or playlist.
  • Put your phone away before bed. Limit distractions, stressors, and noise to improve your quality of sleep. Try charging it across the room, and get an alarm clock if you need to!
  • Wash your sheets. Who doesn’t love crawling into freshly cleaned linens, ready for a cozy sleep?

If you need an energy boost

If you want to feel more connected

  • Go for a walk with zero agenda. Go by yourself or make it a family affair. Make no plans and see where it takes you.
  • Play cards or games with friends. Crazy Eights, Jenga, Monopolyrevisit your favorite childhood games! Quiddler is a recent favorite word game that’s easy to share with friends and bring on a picnic. Long distance friends? Try a quick brain workout “together” with some of our favorite online puzzles.
  • Family date night. It’s all about quality, distraction-free time together. A trip to the grocery store can turn into an adventurous and fun family outing!
  • Intentional screen time. AKA watch a movie or show without a phone nearby.
  • Go to the farmer’s market! Support local and get in-season foods. Try a delicious and nourishing recipe with what you pick up, or snack on fresh fruit on your way home.
  • Check in on a family member or friend. Do you know someone who is managing a lot? Check in with a quick text or call or ask how you can help! Sometimes shifting focus off of yourself is the simplest reframing practice.


Remember: when it comes to caring for yourself, practice makes progress. Just like you practice learning a new language or instrument, you need to practice self-care. It’s about making small, intentional choices that bring you joy and leave you feeling better every day.


How will you care for yourself this season?



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