Weekly Moves | December 12 – 18

This week is all about pick-me-up classes that will meet you right where you are. These movement practices will provide the energy boost you need while encouraging you to move in ways that improve your well-being. Follow along with the schedule and see the difference it makes when you move a little bit every day!


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | IT Band Release with Lydia | Restorative Stretch Class (24 Mins)

Let’s start the week strong! Follow Lydia through a Restorative Stretch Class that will have you focusing on the lateral lines of your legs, letting the tension slide off your body. Press play and make time for yourself today.


▶︎ Crane with Kate | Arm Balancing-focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

Today, join Kate for an empowering Arm Balancing-focused Yoga Class that teaches you the crane pose. This practice is not about being perfect, but playing with the edges of what is possible for you today.


▶︎ Powered On Practice with Adrian | Functional Strength Class (13 Mins)
▶︎ Breath Body Link with Kate | Air (2 Mins)

Go all out with Adrian’s Functional Strength Class. This practice combines smooth and dynamic agility drills with lower body, upper body, and core focused movements. Then, follow Kate in Breath Body Link, a short breathing practice to connect your mind and body.


▶︎ How to Become Your Own Personal Trainer | Build Effective & Safe Workouts (4 Mins)
▶︎ Evenings with Keighty | Full Body Strength Conditioning Class (6 Mins)

Learn How to Become Your Own Personal Trainer! Start your practice with Keighty’s empowering message, guiding you in how to build your own workouts like a pro. Then, try a Full Body Strength Conditioning Class that will leave you feeling grounded, strong, and powerful.


▶︎ NEW | Mellow Moves with Lydia | Self-Massage Yoga Class (30 Mins)

Join Lydia in a gentle Self-Massage Yoga Class designed to help when you’re feeling sore or tired. This 30-minute practice focuses on your low back, hips, neck, pecs and lats to release tension in your upper body.

The Weekend

▶︎ Release and Restore with Erica | Calming Yoga Class (22 Mins)

End your week by practicing Release and Restore with Erica, a sequence that will bring you full circle through a series of poses that release tension in your spine and hips, creating space for reflection.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCHLive in Movement with Jana Nixon, who shares insight into how she finds freedom in fitness and allows movement to carry her through the day.