Move On The Go!

On the go this summer? Get a workout in on holidays, between meetings on a work trip, at the airport, or with your family on an annual visit. This week’s classes support you in moving on the go with a little space and no equipment. Remember: if you don’t have time for a class, going for a quick walk or taking a stretch break is enough. Let’s move!

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The Schedule

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▶︎NEW | Chair Boxing with Rob | Full Body Cardio & Mobility Class (9 Mins)

Get a workout from your chair in under 10 minutes! This class mixes functional mobility stretches with a short shadow-boxing cardio boost. Feel open, strong, and confident today.


▶︎Melty Hips with Lydia | Hip Opening Yoga Class (16 Mins)

Time spent sitting can build up stiffness in your back and lower body. Lydia leads you through a restorative class designed to melt tension in your hips and leave you feeling better in your body.



▶︎Twist with Amanda | Yoga Foundations Class (4 Mins)

Twists introduce a new way of moving the spine, not just through a forward bend / backbend, but side to side. They are great for spinal health and can be very calming for the nervous system — a quick move to take with you to relax and unwind anywhere.


▶︎Homecoming with Dom | Full Body HIIT Class (22 Mins)

Dom guides you through a series of intervals to energize you, get your heart rate up, and strengthen your full body. Move how you need to today, modifying and moving at your own pace. Short on time today? Practice the 13-minute workout with Dom instead!


▶︎Chair Mobility Flow with Sylvia | Energizing Stretch Class (17 Mins)

Follow Sylvia through an accessible mobility flow from the comfort of your chair wherever you find yourself today!


▶︎NEW | Travel Essentials Collection

What does your body need today? Choose a class from our new Travel Essentials Collection to match.


▶︎Core Recovery with Amanda | Core Strength Class (12 Mins)

Follow Amanda through a therapeutic core recovery class, designed to leave you feeling stronger and more centered.

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