Keep Walking

With sunshine on the forecast and summer in full bloom, it’s a walking kind of week! Be intentional about how you approach daily activities like walking – from posture and core engagement to footwork and balance! This week’s classes are designed to improve your capacity and form as you move from place to place each day.

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The Schedule

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▶︎Knee Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (15 Mins)

Follow Adrian through a range of lower body exercises to increase strength, stability, and range of motion. These exercises can help prevent injuries and osteoarthritis in and around the knee.


▶︎Soothe with Trilby | Restorative Breath Class (10 Mins)

Take a breath of fresh air with Rob today as he guides you through a series of breathing exercises to calm your nervous system and connect you to your body.


▶︎Get Stable with Keighty | Lower Body Stability & Strength Class (22 Mins)

Find stability with these lower-body foundations and compound exercises. This class will challenge and engage large muscle groups and energize your full body!


▶︎Posture with Trilby | Upper Body-focused Class (8 Mins)

Good posture will help keep your joints healthy and improve your everyday movements. Improve your posture with Trilby in this short and sweet Pilates-inspired class.


▶︎Happy Feet with Lydia | Lower Leg Mobility Class (21 Mins)

This class is a treat for your feet. Follow Lydia through a practice designed to release stress and tension stored in your fascia and muscles in and surrounding your feet.


REST: Take a long walk or hike.


▶︎Head to Knee with Kate | Hip & Hamstring-focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

Kate guides you through a flowing yoga class to release your hips & hamstrings. She recommends this class for long-distance runners (and walkers!).

The Creativity Bonus

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