Weekly Moves | January 2-8

Happy New Year! As you think about your personal fitness goals for 2023, we encourage you to focus on the long-term benefits that movement brings. No matter what fitness level you are at, this weekly schedule will help you start small and have more fun with movement. Enjoy the life-long benefits of moving your body, one day at a time.


The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Release Your Hips & Glutes with Lydia | Gentle Stretch Class (26 Mins)

Start your year with a mellow class to release tension from your hips and glutes! In this Gentle Stretch Class with Lydia, you will stay low to the ground and move slowly through a series of restorative stretches. Let yourself unfold into a sense of relaxation.


▶︎ NEW | Muayfit with Farinaz | Challenging Strength & Conditioning Class (24 Mins)

Farinaz Lari developed MuayFit to make you feel strong, confident, and athletic. This class will challenge your conditioning and build your full body strength. Farinaz will demonstrate the full versions at the pace she works out at. This is to inspire you! Take this class at your pace, and skip a movement, reps, or a whole round if you need to.


▶︎ NEW | Seasons | A Meditation on Movement and Creativity | Short Film (4 Mins)

Seasons is a short film directed by Josh Richardson, that explores yielding to the natural rhythm of change and finding oneself at the intersection of creativity and movement. In this meditative film, Johanna observes her natural pull to efficiency, a pattern she is now called to break.


▶︎ Kitchen Dance Party | Ep 1 | Beginner-friendly Dance Class (15 Mins)

Designed for beginner dancers, this class will give you the tools to find your personal dance style. Hannah is here to guide you through each step. Kitchen Dance Party will help you break down barriers and feel confident to put on a song at home and dance it out wherever you are.


▶︎ Functional Movement Class with Amanda | Level 1 (5 Mins)

In this Functional Movement Class, Amanda will guide you through an intentional series of full-body movements designed to help you move better in your daily life. Explore fluid movement through spinal rolls, twisting, a core warm up, glute work, wrist and chest stretches, and finish with your expression of playful animal movements.

The Weekend

▶︎ Mornings with Rob | Easy Stretching & Boxing Footwork Class (4 mins)
▶︎ Shoulder Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (10 Mins)

Get your morning started with Rob’s Easy Stretching & Boxing Footwork Class that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Then, get to know your shoulders with Adrian’s Shoulder Checkup class. The exercises you’ll learn will help develop and maintain the necessary strength, range of motion, and overall joint function for daily living.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH: Learn the Athletic Mindset of Goal Setting, where Dom talks the power of setting goals to keep you motivated and help you move beyond what you thought you could.