Weekly Moves | Apr 25 – May 1

We all know that familiar feeling of guilt when you skip a workout or don’t feel like you’re doing enough. Let go of what you think is a “workout” and look at your daily movement through the lens of “less is more”. Making it a habit to move consistently every day is achievable. Movement can be a short walk, dancing along to one song, a quick stretch, or a few reps of strength movements every day. Make daily movement manageable and enjoyable – your future self will thank you.


The Schedule


Your Turn | Take Your First HIIT Class with Karen | Beginner-Friendly. In the first class of our new series that features community members taking a turn at a new form of movement, Dom leads Karen, a working mom of 3, through her first HIIT class. This class is all about learning to work within your strength, and explores how HIIT can be a fun and encouraging workout. Time: 35 mins


Functional Movement Class with Amanda | Level 2. Amanda guides you through an intentional series of full-body movements designed to help you move better in your daily life. Enjoy this playful, creative practice. Time: 5 mins


NEW | Middays with Farinaz | Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class. Today, follow Farinaz through a quick class that packs a punch. You will move through a shoulder roll release, a lunge and kick combination, and finish with a skipping conditioning drill to get your blood flowing and feeling energized. If you don’t have a skipping rope, just pretend you do. Time: 3 mins


Take a movement break & go for a walk! We created a new Spotify playlist just for the occasion. Put on Songs for Walking for a brisk walk or leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.


Restore with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class. Explore restorative poses with the addition of two weights to add depth and balance, ground your body, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Tip: focus on your breath as you move, and allow the weight to gently massage and support you. Time: 15 mins


Mornings with Keighty | Energizing Mobility & Stability Class
3D Focus with Adrian | Dynamic Strength Class

This weekend is all about strength training. Do the classes back-to-back or on different days, up to you! Follow Keighty through a gentle practice that will wake up your body. Then, follow Adrian through a high-intensity power practice and engaging intervals to activate muscle groups in every region of your body. Time: 6 + 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read What is a Practice? by Gabriela Schonbach on the online magazine.