Feel Yourself Again

Our classes this week are all about feeling integrated and at home in your body. If your days need something different, come back to a favourite class a second time or jump ahead to a shorter class on a busy day. Focus on approaching each movement – familiar or new – with your own sense of intuition and play.

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The Schedule

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▶︎NEW | Reset & Replenish with Trilby | Gentle Movement Class (15 Mins)

Tend to your joints and find pleasure in your body. This full body class will help you find circulation and ease in your nervous system and leave you feeling replenished.


▶︎Reconnect and Refine with Erica | Backbending Yoga Class (22 Mins)

Today’s yoga class is an invigorating sequence that encourages you to find connection in the present moment. Move through deep backbends that will open your front body and strengthen your core.


▶︎Contemporary Floor with Livona | Beginner Dance Class (8 Mins)

Get playful and take your practice to the ground with Livona to learn new shapes that will develop your coordination and sense of spatial awareness.


▶︎Physical Education with Adrian | Functional Strength Class (22 Mins)

This class combines four different areas of functional strength training. Use your breath to fuel each movement and feel energized today!


▶︎Feel Better with Lydia | Full Body Yoga Class (26 Mins)

Lydia designed this yoga class with a simple but powerful goal in mind, to support you to feel better. This sequence will help bring you into the present moment.


▶︎NEW | 2-Minute Reset with Amanda | Restorative Movement Class (2 Mins)

Hit the reset button and join Amanda for two minutes of restorative moves. These simple moves are built to fit into your schedule and leave you feeling restored!


▶︎ 2-Minute Moves with Rob | Functional Mobility Class (2 Mins)

Being consistent and showing up for yourself doesn’t have to mean sweaty or long workouts. This class will increase blood flow, improve your range of motion, and connect you to your body.

The Creativity Bonus

WATCH: Seasons (4-Min Short Film)

Johanna observes a pattern she has formed over time, a pull to function and efficiency, a pattern she is now called to break.