Weekly Moves | July 11 – 17

As you take your fitness outdoors and challenge your body with activities this summer, we want to remind you of the importance of intentional preparation and recovery. Before a big day of hiking, take 10 minutes to engage and strengthen your core. After a day of swimming and sun at the lake, try a 20-minute restorative class. Preparing to dance it out at a wedding? Learn how to find the beat before you make your public debut. This week’s schedule is all about supporting your summer activities!


The Schedule


Foundational Sun Salutations with Amanda | Beginner Yoga Class

This 15-Minute Practice takes you through Sun Salutations, transitions into sitting and breathing exercises, and ends in Savasana, calling for you to focus on reaching a place of intentional relaxation and release of stress and tension in your body. Time: 15 mins


Where It Counts with Rob | Full Body Boxing Class

Go all out with this full-body boxing workout that combines quick, intense sets of core conditioning exercises with powerful combinations and footwork. This class will give you confidence and strength in your boxing practice as you train and repeat these foundational strikes. Time: 22 mins


NEW | Middays with Leo | Adaptive Upper Body HIIT Class
Full Body Restorative with Amanda | Yoga Class

Start by joining Leo for an adaptive TABATA class where you will be guided through various moves from sports including swimming, boxing, hand cycling, and kayaking. This class can be done from your chair or any seated position and with or without suggested equipment. Then, follow Amanda through a gentle sequence that encourages you to give yourself permission to rest. Time: 18 + 20 mins


Move outdoors!

Today, go outside for your daily dose of movement. Whatever activity you choose to do, ask yourself: what class or movement would support this activity? If you aren’t sure what class best suit your lifestyle and health goals, sign up below for a Personal Movement Plan!


NEW | Functional Core with Amanda | Foundational Core Class

This new class is designed to help you strengthen your core in your everyday movements. Amanda will guide you through four foundational core moves, each with four levels for you to choose from. Time: 14 mins


Get Stable with Keighty | Lower Body Stability & Strength Class
Freedom | Dance Basics | Learn How to Find the Beat

Follow Keighty through a class that’s all about Lower-Body work! This practice will engage large muscle groups and energize your full body. Then, Hannah will guide you through an exercise on how to find the rhythm of a song. This exercise will help you understand what the beat is and how to catch it –– a foundation of dance. Time: 10 + 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch: Physical Education with Dom Termansen

Read: Ocean Swimming by Brian Hamilton