Weekly Moves | May 30 – June 3

It’s hard to start. We convince ourselves that before we can start, we must be someplace else. Somewhere more flexible, somewhere stronger, or with a different body type or fewer injuries. Somewhere with more time, more space, and fewer distractions. But the only way to get anywhere is to start from where we are now and take it one step at a time. When it comes to fitness, there are ways to make beginning easier. Start with shorter class, learn the basics. Embrace modifications. Just start moving from where you are today.


The Schedule


NEW | How to Get the Most out of the Athletic Movement with Dom
Learn Forward Hop
Learn Squat
Learn Plank Punches
Learn Burpee

Dom introduces you to his program, Athletic Movement, where to start, what you can expect, and encourages you to find your inner athlete. Then, start with the foundations by following these short movement tutorials where Dom breaks down Forward Hop, Squat, Plank Punches, and Burpee. Time: 5 mins


NEW | Your Turn | Take Your First HIIT Class with Vanda. Now that you’ve spent time practicing the moves, you’re ready to try our new follow-along class Your Turn! This class is all about learning to work within your capacity and strength, and exploring how HIIT can be a fun and encouraging workout. If you’re working with back or knee pain, try Dom’s modifications. Time: 31 mins


Sit Foundations Class with Kate. Knowing how to sit properly is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. This is a very important pose that you can practice anywhere. Good posture will help with lower back pain, prevent headaches, increase energy, and so much more. Time: 5 mins


Functional Movement Class with Amanda | Level 1. Today, Amanda guides you through an intentional series of full-body movements designed to help you move better in your daily life. You will fluidly move through spinal rolls, twisting, a core warm up, glute work, wrist and chest stretches, and finish with your expression of playful animal movements. Time: 5 mins


Season Opener with Dom | HIIT Class. Earlier this week, you practiced the modified version of Season Opener. Now we’re going to try the full class! As you move through these exercises, remember to go at your own pace and do modifications when you need to. Time: 22 mins


Enjoy moving outdoors

This weekend, enjoy some fresh air and move in ways that you love. If you’re feeling up to a class, pick one from our new beginner-friendly Dance collection.

Creativity Bonus

Read The Beginner, an article that follows one of our team members to her first aerial yoga, ballet, and boxing classes. Find out what surprising outcomes can come from going outside your comfort zone and moving in new ways.