Weekly Moves | May 9 – 15

Breathing is one of the most important things we do. It’s a simple movement that doesn’t feel like much – and often one we don’t think much about from day to day – but one worth investing in. A deep, full breath can calm your mind, reset and settle your body, and improve the quality of each movement from there. This week is a lesson in repatterning your breathing, and how doing so can optimize daily activities from neighbourhood strolls to picking up groceries, sitting at your desk or couch, or doing your favourite class or sport.


The Schedule


Breath Foundations Class with Cam. Start the week by following Cam through a 4-minute breath exercise from our Yoga Foundations program. The exercises you will learn are great to practice in your car, on the bus, or while you are at work. Time: 4 mins


Sit with Amanda | Meditation & Breath Class. Today’s practice is all about being present, allowing yourself to get you comfortable sitting and breathing intentionally. During this practice, tune in to the feeling of tension releasing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Time: 8 mins


Breath Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Optimize your Breathing

In this foundational workshop, Adrian teaches you how to optimize your breathing mechanics. Tip: you can practice this exercise standing, seated in the car or at your desk, during a workout, or laying in your bed. Notice how each purposeful breath fills and calms your body. Time: 6 mins


Take your daily movement outdoors and go for a walk. Try practicing a breathing technique you learned this week during your walk.


NEW | Learn & Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing with Amanda
Endurance & Conditioning Breathing Workshop with Rob

Today, start by following Amanda through diaphragmatic breathing in this preview from her upcoming Foundations of Prenatal Movement program. Then, follow along with Rob as he takes you through fundamental breathing techniques that will prepare your body for a well-rounded practice (if you’re up for it, try a boxing class!). Time: 4 + 4 mins


Reconnect and Refine with Erica | Backbending Yoga Class. Finish the week off with this invigorating sequence from Namaste Yoga that encourages you to find comfort in the present moment. Time: 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Put on our Songs for Rest playlist on Spotify, or your favourite restful album, and practice your breathing in stillness or through slow, intentional movements.