Weekly Moves | September 19 – 25

Movement is a daily essential. If you can find joy in it, you will find it much easier to do consistently. This week’s schedule offers many opportunities to learn and practice the basics of lower body strength and stability. Give yourself permission to learn with joy, and apply what you learn to your everyday movements. By the end of the week, you will notice a difference when you walk up stairs, carry the groceries, or squat to pick something up. Enjoy your progress!


The Schedule


▶︎ Middays with Kate | Strength Building Weighted Yoga Class (6 Mins)

Follow Kate through this refreshing Middays weighted yoga class that will loosen up your muscles and joints. Move through standing poses to lengthen and create stability in your body before finishing with a deep crouch pose. Finish with a deep breath and find yourself ready for wherever your day will take you!


▶︎ NEW | Morning Stretch with Amanda | Gentle Functional Stretch Class (6 Mins)

Amanda guides you through a full body morning activation routine made up of moves she does every morning to gently wake up her body and prepare for the day ahead. This is a short and sweet class you can build into your own routine, especially on those mornings you are short on time.


▶︎ NEW | Knee Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (15 Mins)
▶︎ Learn Static Lunge with Dom (2 mins)
▶︎ Learn Vertical Jump with Dom (1 min)

Start off by following Adrian through a range of lower body exercises to increase strength, stability, and range of motion. Then, learn two new athletic moves with Dom –– the Static Lunge, which is simply lunging in place, and the Vertical Jump, a controlled jump directly upwards while remaining in spot. Remember: if jumping isn’t the right option for you, come to your toes instead.


▶︎ Get Stable with Keighty | Lower Body Stability & Strength Class (22 Mins)

This one’s all about Lower-Body work! After a dynamic Warm Up, activate your legs and glutes with a high-intensity AMRAP sequence before the strength and stability finisher. These exercises will challenge and engage large muscle groups and energize your full body.


▶︎ Extended Leg Balancing with Kate | Balance-Focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

Follow Kate through a series of strengthening and stabilizing poses to connect you to yourself and help you find balance. This requires core strength, intentional breath, and focus as you work to find balance between fluidity and grounding.

This Weekend

▶︎ Conditioning for Kickboxing with Farinaz | Functional Stretch Class (3 Mins)
▶︎ Strengthen & Surrender with Erica | Hip & Hamstring-focused Yoga Class (22 mins)

First, move through Farinaz’s Functional Stretch Class, an intentional sequence that will release large muscle groups and decrease your heart rate. Then, follow Erica through a series of postures that will strengthen the hips and hamstrings in her Strengthen and Surrender yoga class. Appreciate the work you put in and the progress you made this week.

Creativity Bonus

Read: “Try Everything”, an interview with Joyce Mah. Now, in her sixties and enjoying retirement, Joyce lives a life filled with movement, adventure, and a deep appreciation for the earth.