Weekly Moves | Apr 11 – 17

This week is all about exploring a multitude of ways to move––ways we love, ways that challenge us, ways that remind us, frustrate us, inspire us, strengthen us, and soften us. We are committed to offering a variety of disciplines because we believe there are things to learn from each and that we all benefit from trying something new! Having variety in your fitness routine can help to prevent injuries, increase enjoyment, and keep your routine fresh so you’ll be more inclined to return to the mat day after day.


The Schedule


Air Practice with Kate | Build Hip & Hamstring Flexibility
Learn a New Dance Step | Pas de Bourrée

Start the week by exploring two styles of movement; a fun dance tutorial that gets you up on your feet and a grounding yoga class that brings the energy down to the earth. Practice the classes back to back or at different times of day–whatever fits your mood. Time: 15 mins


Train Like a Boxer with Rob | Short Conditioning & Mobility Class
Up & Under | Intermediate Boxing Class with Rob

First, follow Rob through a short training session to work on your conditioning and mobility. Then, move on to an intermediate boxing class that’s all about the Uppercut! Take time in learning each move, building speed and strength as you go. Time: 28 mins


Middays with Adrian | 5-Minute Strength Reset for the Hips & Glutes. This short class will revive your body and mind, and is especially nice after spending long stretches of time in a seated posture. Great for during the workday, after watching a long movie, or at the end of a travel day. As you follow Adrian through the exercises, focus on finding depth and space in each position. Time: 5 mins


Move outdoors. Change it up today by going outdoors and trying a new way of moving that’s different from your usual routine, or go for a walk and take a different route.


Learn the Mechanics of Jumping Safely with Dom
Plus, a class of your choice!

Start off by following Dom through the key foundations to a movement pattern you might not have tried in a while, jumping! After you’ve learned how to sequence your jump correctly, do a class of your choice. It can be any length or discipline, though we encourage you to try a class you haven’t practiced before. Time: 2+ mins


Get Sweaty with Keighty | Core & Cardio-focused HITT Class. Get sweaty this weekend by following Keighty through a series of cardio-based core drills, a high-intensity Tabata, and a strong deep core finisher. Give yourself some love for the work you put in this week! Time: 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

Read The Beginner, an article from Issue 01 of Movement by NM magazine that’s all about getting outside your comfort zone and moving in a variety of ways.